Why Is My Dog Holding It’s Leash In It’s Mouth?

Most dog owners have seen the behaviour where a dog holds its leash in its mouth.

To understand the problem why the dog holds its leash in its mouth depends on what the dog does with the leash.

You will realize there is always an explanation to the common dog behaviours.

You should check the way your dog interacts with the leash to understand what he or she needs at the time.

It’s amusing if you happen to see your dog carrying its leash while it walks.

Here’s what it means when your dog holds its leash in it’s mouth

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Why a dog enjoys to carry its leash

Even if it’s your first time to own a dog, you might have seen it on TV dogs carrying its leash in its mouth.

However, you might get from work and you notice your dog coming to you with its leash.

Below are some of the implications when your dog brings its leash.

The dog wants to walk

Even as a first-time dog owner you understand that a leash is to walk the dog around.

Dogs have become intelligent and thus it will come running after work so you walk him or her around.

Also, the behaviour might be attributed by the common tv cliché.

The dog might look at you expectantly after carrying its leash to you since they want to take a walk.

If the dog is still a puppy

It’s a common behaviour for puppies to put everything in their mouth.

If you have a puppy, you should understand that the world is still new to them.

Puppies have a lot to learn and they are always excited and, in the mood, to play.

Therefore, a puppy will carry its leash in its mouth due to excitement and want to play with the leash (see the best leather dog leashes here or the best braided leather leashes here)

To get attention

Dogs love attention just like kids.

You might notice that the dog plays around, carries its leash and follows you since it wants attention and interaction with you.

Wants to chew

At one time, I realized my dog not only holding the leash but also it was chewing. I implied at ones that the dog wanted something to chew.

However, there are many possible reasons why your dog might be chewing its leash.

If it’s a puppy, it’s because its teething.

Besides, dogs can chew their leash to learn about the item, keep the jaws strong and the teeth clean.

A dog might as well carry its leash on walks with you. Even though it looks adorable, there are several reasons that contribute to this behaviour.

Why a dog carries its leash on walks

To feel at control

A dog wants to feel in control of the walk and this can result to the dog misbehaving.

If you follow documentary about wild dogs, you will notice that they have a pack leader.

It is paramount to act as the pack leader.

Even though you might think that I am overstating the dog dominance it is true and you should establish yourself as the pack leader.

Therefore, your dog will carry its leash to control the walk. Hence, you should set boundaries to remain the leader.

Excitement and ready to play

Your dog might be excited and ready to play thus it will carry its leash.

When a dog is excited, it will definitely bite the rope or leash and expect a tug of war.

Your dog might view the leash as a toy to play around with as you walk.

Dogs have a playful personality and thus he or she will frequently jump and nip your hand.

At times, you will notice that your dog chases and tries to bite its tail.

A dog will carry its leash in its mouth when excited and in a playful mood.

Expression of frustration

Even though the leash keeps the dog close to you and safe, a dog will definitely not understand that.

A leash will prevent the dog chasing squirrels, sniffing other dogs and thus it’s a restriction to them.

Eventually, a leash will make a dog feel frustrated resulting to your dog carry it in its mouth.

Solution if your dog carries his or her leash around

You should recognize the cause why your dog carries the leash around.

You should constantly change routes, to overcome boredom and over excitement.

Train your dog to stop carrying the leash regardless of the reason.

Offer an alternative to chewing such as a chew toy.

My Dog Is Holding It’s Leash In It’s Mouth, Why?

A dog will carry its leash in its mouth for several reasons.

Some of the reason include;
• Excitement
• If the dog wants to walk
• To get attention
• Wants to chew