Reasons Why It Is Vital to Invest in Tactic Dog Helmets

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Unlike in the past, ballistic helmets, also known as tactic helmets, are no longer primarily designed for military use.

They are suitable for anyone who may need impact protection. Interestingly, there are some tactic helmets designed for dogs as well.

Most people who work with dogs for a living, such as police dog handlers, military dogs units, and dog trainers, find these units helpful.

People who use their dogs for protective purposes in dangerous and intense situations should also find these helmets helpful to protect their pets during an attack.

Tactic dog helmets, like the human ones, vary in sizes, types, designs and colours.

Most buyers are overwhelmed with unlimited options, which can easily hinder them from making a perfect choice.

This article will highlight some of the leading factors that should be put in mind when choosing a ballistic helmet for your dog from the many available in the market. Read on to learn more.

Weight and Comfort Levels

This is one of the leading factors to consider when purchasing ballistic helmets for your dog.

These helmets come in different weights, which determine the levels of comfort for your dog. The trick lies in choosing a lightweight helmet to minimise the load on the dog’s head.

Minimal load on the head means more comfort and better performance during an attack.

Lightweight tactic dog helmets also bring more comfort, which makes them wearable for the whole day.

Weight and comfort levels have been major causes of arguments against ballistic helmets.

Fortunately, the latest models have made significant advancements to include suspension systems that enhance the helmet’s protection package by minimising the forces that come in collision with the head.


Peripheral vision is another significant aspect to consider when choosing a tactic dog helmet. In the past, some people felt that ballistic helmets impaired peripheral vision of adversely impacted ambient noise perception.

However, the current designs and models of these helmets debunk the views considering that well-fitting ones don’t interfere with vision.

They also allow perfect normal hearing, which keeps the dogs aware of everything going on.

Moreover, most current tactical helmets are designed to allow hearing protection, similar to electronic ear muffs.

The feature increases the safety of the devices by amplifying speaking and other normal noises while shutting out high decibel noises such as gunfire.

Proper Size

As mentioned above, size plays a crucial role in the peripheral vision when wearing tactic helmets.

A well-fitting ballistic helmet doesn’t interfere with the dog’s vision, thus allowing it to keep vigil of its surrounding during an attack.

Perfectly fitting helmets are also easier to handle and enhance the dog’s performance on the battlefield. The next time you go out getting one, ensure you get a perfect size.

Like the military and other security frontline officers, dogs also deserve adequate protection from danger.

The owner or individual in charge should invest in the best protective gear. As you put on your bulletproof vest and helmet, remember the ballistic helmet for your dog as well.

These loyal creatures deserve your protection just like they protect you. Invest in nothing but the best.

If you struggle to find a suitable ballistic helmet for your dog, you should try out the following options.

Tactical Helmet for The Working Dog

Protecting your dog’s from injury without compromising the performance of its eyes, ears, nose and ability to move is a great challenge.

This helmet is an excellent answer for anyone struggling to find the right tactic helmet for their dogs. It is designed with various features to enhance its performance, including detachable muzzles, cameras, ear protection and tactical lights.

Other attractive features that make this helmet unique and outstanding include its polycarbonate lenses and handler-to-dog communication devices.

Guard Dogs Fast Ballistic Helmets<

These helmets offer Level 3 protection besides the incredible combination of effective communication systems, helmet-mounted night vision goggles and gas masks.

Moreover, these helmets also have a fully adjustable five rated harness with a leather chinstrap to hold the quick release buckle. They weigh less than 3.7 lbs and exist in medium and large sizes.

Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Tactical Helmet with Adjustable Chin Strap, Digital Camo, 11-InchL x 10-InchW x 7.5-InchH

This Trident M1 features a patented retention system that offers a stable platform for tactical electronics

. It enables off-leash and remote-controlled reconnaissance, translating to integrated safety eyewear and protection from abrasions and small bumps. It is designed with lenses and Picatinny rails which weigh about 0.78 pounds.

In addition, this helmet uses the latest 3D technology that is ten times faster and half the price of the previous techniques, making it excellent for advanced level dog operators and trainers.

The tactical helmet for the working dog is the best option for anyone looking for a bulletproof helmet for their dog. It comes with a range of features that enhance the safety and performance of both the dog and handler.

Next time you go shopping, you should try it out for an amazing safety experience.