Best Tactical Dog Goggles

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In my line of work, I usually spend a lot of time with dogs training them to be defenders, which requires them to be well protected.

One thing that needs to be well protected for defender dogs is the eyes, as they are sensitive and can get harmed in the line of duty.

For this reason, tactical dog goggles are a necessity for the safety of your dog. The market has many types of tactical dog goggles, and if you are new to buying, you may be confused about what to buy.

I have had my share of struggles when buying tactical dog goggles for the first few times. But as I continued to buy, I gained experience, and now I know what goggles suit our defender dogs best.

There are many features to look out for when purchasing tactical dog goggles. Some of the features include the lens style, the strength of the lens, and even the lens color.

With my gained experience in buying tactical dog goggles, I can advise you on the 3 best tactical dog goggles to buy for defenders or dogs that are very active. Below are the products.

Doggles ILS Series Goggles

What the Product is Used For

Since these dog goggles have a great reputation for durability, they can be best used by dogs in the military or defender dogs.

These goggles are also great for vigorous activities like ATV rides and motorcycle rides since they are hard and can withstand great knocks without breaking.

Key Specifications of Doggles ILS Series Goggles

These goggles have lenses that can be changed and upgraded. You can also upgrade the graphics on the frame to what suits the dog.

Key Features of Doggles ILS Series Goggles

  • Doggles ILS series is equipped with a twin lens to provide extra protection to the eyes.
  • The lenses are fog, shatter and UV-resistant
  • They have high quality frames decorated with stylish graphics of your choice.
  • ILS series have a combination head and chin stap to keep them in place.


  • They are durable since they don’t break easily
  • Very reliable for protection dogs


  • Fitting them on your dog becomes a difficult task if you don’t measure correctly

Why Are These Goggles on the List?

I included this product on my list of best tactical goggles because it is affordable and provides the protection needed to keep the dog’s eyes safe during vigorous activities.

Rex Specs

What is the Product Used For?

These are some of the best tactical dog goggles for dogs that need extra protection for their eyes. They protect them from the sun and other hazards.

Key Specifications for Rex Specs

These goggles’ high-end design makes them some of the coolest and stylish dog sunglasses.

Key Features of Rex Specs

  • The lens is spherical in shape to allow a wider and excellent field of view and optical clarity. This also provides enough room inside the goggles for ventilation.
  • It is resistant to impact, thanks to the robust polycarbonate material used to make it.
  • Well designed and fully functional strap system. The system is adjustable and dynamic to allow stability when in motion.
  • Has a foam edge and breathable mesh for a tight seal and ultimate comfort


  • Stylish high-end design
  • They are durable
  • They fit very well


  • Some reviews state that the lenses on Rex Specs scratch easily.

Why I Have Included it in the List

It is stylish and gives the dog comfort, stability and protection.

Petleso Dog Goggles

What the Product is Used For

These are tactical dog goggles that can come in handy for various outdoor activities like skiing, hunting, and others. They protect your dog’s eyes from injuries during an adventure.

Key Specifications

Unlike other goggles with oval lenses, Petleso goggles are fitted with triangular lenses for a better fit.

Features of Petleso Dog Goggles

  • Its lenses are made from polycarbonate lenses that are very durable and shatter proof.
  • They feature frames that are foldable, making them easy to store the goggles when not in use.
  • The frames have pads to improve comfort.
  • To keep them securely attached to the dog, they have a dual chin head strap with buckles for easier adjustment.


  • They last long
  • They have an additional coverage for the bridge of the nose


  • No evidence shows that they are shatter proof

So What’s The Best Tactical Dog Goggles ?

All of the mentioned goggles are great, but my list starting from the best is as follows.

  • 1. Doggles ILS Series Goggles
  • 2. Rex Specs
  • 3. Petleso Dog Goggles

If I had to pick one, I would go for the Doggles ILS Series Goggles for my defender dogs. They are stylish, durable, and very comfortable on my dog. The lenses are replaceable, and the graphics on the frames can be upgraded to create a style that suits you best.