Do Pomeranians need haircuts?

Yes, Pomeranians, like any other dog, need grooming regardless of shape, coat type, and size. It is essential to groom your Pomeranians at least twice or thrice a week.

When your Pomeranians are shedding, it is very important to clip more frequently to prevent the matting of loose hair.

These dogs are very active hence the need to keep their hair and nails short at all times.
The main reason why I clip my Pomeranian’s hair is to have an easy time taking care of it.

You can visit an experienced dog groomer to help perform a full groom that includes:

  • Haircut
  • Anal gland check-up
  • Nails trimming
  • Ears check-up
  • Brushing
  • Bathing

If you assume the grooming exercises of your Pomeranians, the coat might get matted.

Therefore, it is important to groom your Pomeranians regularly and correctly for aesthetic and health reasons.

In this article, I will be discussing how to groom your Pomeranians, including haircuts.

Hairstyle for your Pomeranians

You can trim your Pom using two styles:

  • The teddy bear
  • The lion

Sometimes I can decide to cut the hair of my Pomeranians shorter with no style idea.
It is important to look for a groomer if you want to cut your Pomeranians’ hair or risk the problems associated with clipping fur.

When should you give your Pomeranians a haircut?

Ideally, you need to groom your Pomeranians nearly every day (but how often should you groom a Labradore?).

When you give your Pomeranians a haircut, ensure you follow up with a bath to ensure the skin remains healthy.

Regular baths will also prevent natural oil build-up that can otherwise cause a bad smell.

Grooming your Pomeranians during shedding

Pomeranians undergo two shedding seasons: the first one is as a puppy and several times as an adult.

During the puppy shedding period, Pomeranians will lose all the puppy fur and grow adult coats.

When Pomeranians are young, they shed more during this period; hence you need to be more vigilant with the grooming.

Ensure you offer a light haircut to ensure uniformity in size and color.

Grooming adult Pomeranians during the shedding period

You will notice that during the summer and spring, your adult Pomeranians will shed more heavily.

Your dog will shed during spring to replace a winter coat with a lighter summer coat.

Therefore, it is important to groom your dong almost daily to prevent health issues and matting.

Grooming your Pomeranians daily will prevent your home from being covered in Pomeranian’s hair.

Adult Pomeranians are also prone to skin issues that can be eliminated by daily grooming or at least thrice a weed.

You will prevent your dog’s skin from becoming flaky and dry if you regularly give it a haircut.

Easy steps to groom your Pomeranians

I have a few tricks have been using to give my Pomeranians a nice haircut.

Give your Pomeranians the right number of baths

You need to bathe your dog at least three times a week or more, depending on the condition of the fur.

It is not good to bathe your Pomeranians more often since it can result in the removal of fur and body oils, leaving the skin flaky and dry.

When you bathe your puppy Pomeranians, ensure you allow the fur to get dry before you think of giving a haircut.

If you want to give your Pomeranians a haircut quickly after bathing, you can speed the process by using an air dryer.

Remember to blow the fur in the direction of the growth to prevent plucking.
Also, avoid rapid passing of dryer since it can cause the coat to be tangled and, in some situations, can cause matting.

Condition the Fur

Before and after grooming your Pomeranians, ensure you condition the fur using one of the many leave-in coat sprays. n

Fur conditioning is important since it prevents the Pomeranians from excessive friction caused by grooming which is not good for the coat.

Conditioning spray will help your dog by preventing bleaching or fading during the summer.
Also, you will be preventing underfur static friction from the building.

Avoiding matting

You can deal with any mat by cutting the fur uniformly.
If you leave mats for long, it will result in a knot.

Avoid rubbing the fur after a bath or before a haircut to ensure your Pomeranians is always free from mats.
You can use a de-matting tool to remove stubborn mats.

Clean your Pomeranians from top to bottom before and after a haircut

Always clean your Pomeranians after shaving and before.
Get rid of discharges and clean after playing outside.

Cleaning your Pomeranians before you shave is very important to maintain freshness after shaving.
Therefore, clean any small faces and urine visible on the fur on the backside.

Do Pomeranians need haircuts?

Yes, you can give your Pomeranians a haircut, but it is advised to visit a professional groomer to help you out.

You can give your Pomeranians a haircut because it is hard to maintain long fur or just for aesthetic reasons.