Do Labradors need grooming?

Yes, you need grooming for your Labrador. This blog post answers all questions on Labradors’ grooming. I am a dog lover, especially the Labrador breed.

I am a married lady with kids and I ensure that my family is safe by grooming my three Labradors.

Being the couscous mum, I maintain regular sanitation of the labs’ fur, paw, ears, and what they eat. From my experience, I may say Labs are one of the pets that can easily be groomed.

What kind of grooming do Labradors require?

1. Occasional bathing

Labradors, just like humans need to bathe. Although most Labs are always neat, there are incidences when they lie on smelly surfaces, dust, or mud. You can also make it a routine to wash your Labrador from the puppy stage.

First, you need to make their fur damp for easy penetration of shampoo to the whole fur.  Massage gently and rinse.

Repeat the process before final rinsing. Ensure sufficient rinsing to prevent them from ingesting the remaining shampoo on their body while licking.

2. Labrador shedding of fur

You will know how Labs do shed their fur. It is massive and needs to be controlled. In the same case, washing would not stop them from shedding fur although it helps to some extent. Use a slicker brush to maintain grooming twice a day.

3. Labrador’s ear, paw, and dental maintenance

Labs grooming also entails checking their paws, ears, and dental. For the paws, check to see whether they have long nails or thorns.

Sometimes it may be difficult to notice as they hide paws while washing them. I would advise that you make your lab get used to grooming so that you don’t struggle to clean other parts.

Secondly, pay attention to their ears. Most dog breeds get ear infections and you will notice this when you spot your lab scratching its ears on the wall and surfaces.

During grooming, inspect their ears to spot waxing. If it is excessive then contact a vet for assistance.

How do you feel when you miss cleaning your teeth? That is exactly how any dog feels when you don’t do dental grooming.

It is important to use a dog toothbrush with a recommended toothpaste to remove plaque and bad smell.

4. Labrador’s diet

Grooming is a wide term and not just external body sanitation. Have you ever thought of what you consume as grooming? Well, it is.

Labradors food should meet high quality and Nutritional values. The amount of food consumed by a Labrador varies from the age to the type of meal given.

Generally, dog foods are quite expensive. My advice is to consider giving your Labrador a well-balanced diet as per your budget.

There are two ways to feed a Labrador. The most popular approach used by many Labradors owners is; dry kibble and raw meat or bones. So, which feeding method do you like?

The best Labrador grooming products

This is an important area to pay attention to since you need the right product for grooming your Labrador.

Perhaps it is that time of the year when your lab is shedding off fur and if not properly taken care of it can be messy and hazardous to you and the people around.

The best dog tools will maintain a tangle-free coat, are safe for the skin to use, and will last long. I will take you through the best grooming products and how to use them;

  1. Slicker brush for long-haired Labradors with undercoats
  2. Pin brush for combing off thick coats
  3. Sturdy comb to untangle mats
  4. Safe electric dog clippers for removing hair from Pirk
  5. Sanitation wipes to remove odor
  6. Sensitive dog shampoo
  7. Dog conditioner for moistening fur
  8. Dog brush for bathing
  9. Dog towel or drier to reduce entangles after rinsing

Why you need to groom Labrador

Labrador grooming ensures that their coat remains neat and healthy. My Labradors smell good after grooming and I always feel their happy mood as they play around with my kids.

Grooming your Labrador will help you identify health problems at an early stage; hence you will seek medication in time.

When you make Labrador grooming a habit, it encourages positive behavior. A well-groomed Labrador is joyful and bonds with the rest of the family.

Another importance of grooming is that you reduce joint pains. When a Labrador walks on uncut nails, it will keep hurting itself therefore it is important to trim nails and also prevent germs.

Do Labradors need grooming?

I insist that Labradors need grooming as it is beneficial to them and you.  In summary, in my blog I have talked about the kind of grooming Labradors need such as; bathing, cleaning paws, dental and ears, Labrador shedding, and Labradors diet hygiene.

I have also highlighted tools and products to use for effective grooming for example; dog brush and shampoo.

Finally, why is it important to groom your Labrador? I hope that the content of this text will help you realize that you need to groom your Labrador