Do huskies need haircuts?

Well, the answer is no, huskies don’t need a haircut. Giving a husky a haircut isn’t recommended but shaving it isn’t such a bad idea.

Keep reading this blog post to understand why huskies don’t need haircuts and what you can do instead to keep them well-groomed.

Do Huskies Need Shaving?

According to experts, huskies don’t need any shaving.

However, I’ve seen several people who have ever given a haircut to their dogs.

I have owned a Siberian husky for over five years, and I have never given him a cut on a single day.

The main reason experts say huskies don’t need shaving is to protect the undercoat.

The dog can regulate its temperature, and shaving it will affect that function.

The dog’s hairs are hollow, and this is how the undercoat regulates the temperature.

The hairs allow the dog to trap air and insulate in summer and winter.

Therefore, shaving your husky will do more harm than good.

It will make the dog vulnerable to the UV rays, which might damage the skin.

These types of dogs don’t have a lot of skin pigmentation, so they’re vulnerable to sunburns and various cancers related to the sun rays.

Another reason why you shouldn’t shave your husky is that growing the coat back will be difficult.

The undercoat and hairs might fail to blend well, giving your dog a funny look.

By cutting the coat, you’ll be upsetting its balance, and this is unnecessary.

The only time huskies need shaving is when your vet has instructed it as a medical necessity.

The quality of your dog’s coat indicates how healthy the dog is, so you should maintain their coat well.

Maintaining the Husky’s Coat

Now that you can’t shave your husky, you should know how to maintain his coat and leave him looking fresh and healthy.

Huskies are known for their thick furs, and this is what makes them look regal.

The thick hair also keeps them warm in cold temperatures.

Grooming a husky is a big task, but as long as you love your dog, you should gladly do it when need be.

Huskies have double coats, which is why they need more maintenance than single-coated dogs.

Their hairs can grow short or long, and either way, they need lots of grooming (does a Labradore need grooming often?).

Brushing your husky

Compared to other double-coated dogs, huskies need less grooming.

The most important process in maintaining their coat is by brushing it well.

I usually brush my dog at least once a week or twice during summer.

To properly brush the dog’s hair, I recommend you use a wide-toothed brush that can get in and break up any mats.

Once you’ve brushed using the first brush, use a paddle brush to smoothen any stray hairs to make the dog look well-groomed.

As you brush your husky, ensure the pattern you follow starts with the undercoat.

Brush all hair away from the skin to remove any loose hairs.

Next, go to the overcoat and brush it well in the direction of hair growth.

Ensure you check and remove any mats and tangles, and if any are present, loosen them with conditioner.

How often should you brush a husky?

Just like other double-coated dogs, huskies need brushing a minimum of once a week.

Brushing the coat helps remove loose or dead hairs, keeping the coat in perfect condition.

It also ensures there are no issues affecting your dog’s health.

You can even brush your dog three times a week and, if you like, daily.

There is no harm in brushing the dog’s coat, so it’s up to you.

Looking Out for Shedding

During summer or in warm areas, huskies start shedding a lot, and this process is a slow one.

Therefore, to hasten it, you need to brush your dog frequently.

It will help prevent your dog’s hairs from matting and tangling.

Follow the same technique you use throughout the year – aim to brush the husky daily.

Remember your dog is shedding heavily, and without help, the shed hairs will tangle and make his coat look unkempt.

If your husky has long hair, I advise you to get an undercoat rake.

This tool is designed to remove any dead hairs under the coat effectively.

The dog will keep shedding to prepare for the warm weather, so you need to be proactive about brushing.


So, to answer the question, do huskies need haircuts? No, they don’t.

As you have read in this post, huskies don’t require any haircuts because they need that’s how they regulate temperature (how about Pomeranians, do they need haircuts?).

What’s more, they do their grooming by shedding some of the hair.

All you need to do is help your dog shed by brushing through his coat thoroughly to get rid of any dead hairs.