Can I Use Lotrimin On My Dog?

Yes, you can use Lotrimin on your dog according to Pets WebMD as they state Antifungal creams can be used on a dog for ringworm infections.

Lotrimin is also known as clotrimazole and Triazole antifungals is a group to which Lotrimin belongs.

It is used to treat fungal infections.

JUST REMEMBER: Before administering any medication or creams to your dog please contact your vet first to double check.

In this article, I will help you understand better the usage of Lotrimin on your dog.

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Why your dog has been prescribed Lotrimin?

In the veterinary, a variety of external and internal fungal infections are treated using Lotrimin.

Candidiasis, aspergillosis, and dermatophytosis are some fungal infections that Lotrimin is prescribed to your dog.

Candidiasis is a yeast infection found on the skin and in the ears.

Aspergillosis is a fungal infection that affects the dog’s nasal passages.

Dermatophytosis is a fungal skin infection also called ringworm.

How long will your pet need to take Lotrimin?

The period that you will give your dog Lotrimin is prescribed by your vet.

The period will differ depending on the dog.

Even your dog will look to be well, you need to complete the dosage prescribed by the vet.

You need to contact the vet if your dog is unwell and the dosage is over.

How do you give Lotrimin to your dog?

The treatment comes either in the form of an ear drop or tropical cream.

You may instill three to five drops on the affected ear if it is a fungal ear infection.

You also need to massage the dog’s ear base after instilling the treatment.

Using a glove, you need to apply a small amount of topical cream on the area that has been affected.

Use lukewarm water to clean any medication that may have on your skin.

How you should store Lotrimin?

No special conditions are needed for storage.

You need to put it away from light and store it at room temperature.

As it is well-advised, you need to keep out the medication from sight and reach by children.

What you need to run out of Lotrimin?

You need to speak to your vet if the Lotrimin is over and the fungal infection is not treated.

Your vet will advise you on how to restart the treatment or stop.

The best way is to have enough medicine in case it runs out.

What should you do if you miss a dose?

You need to give the medication as fast as possible in case you miss a dose.

If the next dose is arriving, you are advised to skip the dose that has been missed.

It is also advised not to give a double dose to cover, and you should not exceed the prescribed dosage.

What should you do in case of over dosage?

All you need to do is contact your vet.

Overdose may cause more effects to your dog; therefore, immediately after the overdose has been instilled, you should call your vet.

Can your dog take Lotrimin even if it is on another prescription?

In case your dog is on another medication, you need to be keen and inform your vet.

Do not assume they know.

Possible side effects of Lotrimin on your dog.

Skin irritation may be caused to your dog if you use Lotrimin topical cream.

Redness around the ear or head shaking may be caused by redness whilst administration.

On using ear drops and notice that your dog’s head is tilted, you should contact your vet.

This makes your dog’s walking to be unstable, and it becomes disorientated.

In case you notice signs such as general fatigue, increased drinking, or the eyes are yellow colored, there may be liver damage risk.

A blood test may be carried out by the vet if such signs are seen.

What should you do in case your dog gets unwell while taking Lotrimin?

You are advised to contact your vet if your dog gets sick when taking Lotrimin as fast as possible.

What should you do in case someone accidentally takes Lotrimin?

A doctor should be contacted in cases where a person takes the medication accidentally.

The container and any remaining medication should be taken to the doctor.

Is It Safe To Use Lotrimin On My Dog?

Yes, you can use Lotrimin on your dog according to Pets WebMD as they state Antifungal creams can be used on a dog for ringworm infections.

Just remember though…

Always contact your vet if you have any doubts or questions regarding Lotrimin or your dog has any health issues.

Your vet has your dog’s medical history; hence they will be the best to contact for queries.

Lotrimin is advised to be used in a suitable form and as prescribed.

In case of side effects, your vet should be contacted.

Overdose is hazardous for your dog; hence you need to be very careful when instilling the medication.