Can I Use Head And Shoulders On My Dog?

I usually have a sunken feeling when I see my dogs in pain.

Occasionally, I find myself with an itchy irritable scalp and can only use my Head and Shoulders for some relief.

When I see my dogs scratching themselves to a point of bleeding, I felt that there could be an intervention from my end to relieve the pain.

When your dog has flaky skin, especially on their scalp, they are exposed to bacterial and fungal infections.

These infections can spread fast to other areas of the body.

I had been tempted before to assess whether the solution of Heads and Shoulders for my dandruff would also assist my dogs.

I know many have explored the idea as well.

Let’s see if you can use head and shoulders on dogs

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Is it safe to use Head and Shoulders on your dogs?

The Head and Shoulders shampoo was specifically designed for you as a human.

A dog has a different built to you.

So should you use it on your dog? No, not really.

However, according to the DogClinic it is probably safe enough to use the Head and Shoulders shampoo on your dog as a one off

And it should be used in moderation.

What about other conditioners, can they be used on dogs?

The Head and Shoulders shampoo contains Zinc Pyrithione.

It is an active ingredient that is efficient and effective to eradicate dandruff.

Not only does it get rid of the flakes but also treats the underlying cause of it.

In addition, it may also assist in getting rid of fleas. It gets the fur and coat of your dog to have more gloss and the fleas are paralysed.

Rinse off as they may not all die instantly.

There may be no harmful ingredient of the shampoo that could adversely affect your dog but Dogs have different skin from humans so you’d be better off avoiding using human shampoo on them and using specific dog shampoo instead.

How to use the Head and Shoulders on your dogs

If you insist on doing it then be careful and do so at your own risk, here’s how to apply it:

Step 1: Brush Dog Rigorously

The first step of using the Head and Shoulders is to brush your dog rigorously.

Use a slick brush to be able to loosen the mats of your dog’s fur.

When the mats are loosened, you can move on to a bristle brush to remove the mats.

Step 2: Prepare The Area

The next step is to prepare the unit that you will wash your dog in. It could be a tub or a sink.

The idea is to make sure it is a non-slippery surface. The dog needs to be comfortable while bathing him and having a slippery surface will not be of great help.

You can place a rubber mat on the tub or sink to steady the surface.

Step 3: Get Your Dog Into The Wash Area

After preparing the tub, place your dog inside the tub.

You can connect a sprayer to the tap. Ensure that the tap provides warm water and spray your dog until wet.

As much as possible, avoid spraying your dogs’ faces as they get irritable when you do.

Step 4: Once Wet Apply Shampoo

When the dog is significantly wet, you may apply the Head and Shoulders shampoo.

Lather your dog’s coast with at least a quarter of the Head and Shoulders shampoo package.

Ensure you rub it all over the coat as you massage your dog.

You should still avoid your dog’s face while doing so.

Once you have thoroughly covered your dog’s body, let the shampoo settle on your dog for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 5: Use A Damp Cloth On The Face

As you have been avoiding your dog’s face, use a damp cloth to wash away any dirt or debris on your dog’s face.

You avoid shampoo in your dog’s face as it may spill to its eyes and cause severe irritation.

Step 6: Rinse

After the 10 to 15 minutes have elapsed, rinse your dog thoroughly with the lukewarm water using the sprayer.

You should run your fingers through the coast as you rinse for the water to eliminate all the soap from your dogs’ skin.

Excess shampoo on the skin irritates your dog.

Step 7: Dry Excess Water

Dry excess water after rinsing using your dogs’ towel.

If possible blow-dry your dog to finalise drying its coat. If using the blow dryer is not possible, you can air-dry your dog.

These steps should be consistent and done at least once a weak for effective removal of flakes and fleas from your dog.

Is It Safe To Use Head & Shoulders On My Dog?

Although there’s probably nothing that will cause your dog serious harm inside Head & Shoulders the reality is that it’s not designed for use on dogs and you should pick a shampoo designed for dogs instead. 

However as a one off it could be effective method to keep your dog away from flakes, fleas, and infections but don’t make a habit of it.

Ensure you follow through with the step-by-step guide for best results.