Can I Use Bactine On My Dog?

Yes, you can use antiseptic solutions like Bactine on dogs according to PetMd if they have small wounds or grazes. 

JUST REMEMBER: Before administering any medication or creams to your dog please contact your vet first to double check.

However, there are things to be careful with and some do’s and don’t which I cover below.

Dogs are active animals that run around yards and dog parks.

As such, this means that they are likely to get cuts and wounds.

Luckily, not all dog wounds are serious to cause a call for action.

At times all that’s needed is a wipe using bactine and a bandage over the wound.

So with that in mind, here is an article on everything you need to know about the use of bactine on dogs.

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How to use bactine

Use bactine as you would on a human being. In this case, apply it on your dog as directed by the label, only in small amounts.

Do not use this drug in large quantities as it would numb your dog.

Bactine comes in sprays, gels, creams, lotions, patches, and ointments.

Because of this reason, it’s a topical medication meaning it should not be ingested but applied to the affected area.

On the same note, do not apply the bactine on sensitive areas of the body like the eyes, the nose, the vagina, and the rectum.

Applying bactine on the said areas might be discomforting for your dog, thus making them restless.

Also, read the manual carefully and note anything compound of the drug that might harm your dog.

If there’s one avoid applying the product on your dog; otherwise, you’ll be your dog harm even if your actions were pure.

Only use a small amount of bactine to treat your dog’s wounds.

If the wound is raw, blistered, burnt, or deeply punctured, avoid using bactine on that area.

Applying bactine on such zones will cause the body to absorb too much of the medication, thus causing your dog even more harm.

If the product you are using is an ointment, gel, cream, or lotion, apply it using a cotton swab to avoid corroding your hands.

On the same note, if the affected area is between your dog’s paws, earbud to reach the affected area.

After use, ensure you store the drug away from moisture and direct heat.

The Dos and Don’ts of using Bactine

Don’t Use Large Amounts

Do not use large amounts of the drug on your dog—only use a considerable amount of the drug on your pet.

While humans and dogs might not share the same anatomy as dogs, applying too much Bactine on your dog might have drastic effects, similar to humans.

Because of this reason, it is advised that you only use a meaningful amount of the drug.

Otherwise, you might cause fatal side effects to your companion.

Naturally, pets and children lack the knowledge to comprehend what’s going on around them.

As a result, they’ll likely inhale or consume medical products, thereby causing them harm.

Don’t Leave It Unattended

So, with that in mind, ensure that your keep all Bactine products away from the reach of pets and children— otherwise, they’ll accidentally suck on carelessly placed bactine patches.

Avoid Covering The Affected Area Unless The Dog Is Licking or Sniffing It

Avoid covering bactine treated areas with bandages or plastic wrap.

Only do so if advised or if your dog is constantly sniffing/licking the affected area.

Bactine is an external drug, meaning that it’s not destined to be gulped.

Sadly most dogs can’t comprehend this and will want to lick the affected areas.

Because of this reason, only bandage the affected area if your dog is curious about sniffing and licking the affected area.

Otherwise, leave the area as it is if your dog is calm.

Don’t Use If Your Dog Has Allergies

Do not use this drug on your dog if they have any kind of allergies.

Like humans, dogs also have allergies. As a result, this means that they’ll react to a drug or substance if they are allergic to it.

Having said that, keep in mind if your dog’s allergies and if the said substance is a compound in bactine.

Is It Safe To Use Bactine On Dogs?

According to PetMD it’s safe to use antiseptics solutions on dogs and Bactine is an antiseptic solution.

All in all, if used well, bactine can be a great resource in dealing with your dog’s wounds but be careful with it.

Inversely, if misused and carelessly, the drug can cause you more harm than good.

For instance, applying too much bactine on your dog might have a numbing effect on your dog’s paws.

In addition, bactine can have devastating effects on your children and house pets, particularly if miss-handled.