Can I Use A&D Ointment On My Dog?

Is A&D ointment is safe for your dog?

Although the medication is meant for humans, it can also be used to treat rashes on dogs and puppies according to Dolores Animal Hospital.

JUST REMEMBER: Before administering any medication or creams to your dog please contact your vet first to double check.

The ointment is meant for humans, and it is used to prevent and treat rashes and minor burns.

Nonetheless, you’ll be tasked with ensuring that the dog won’t lick the ointment since some of the ingredients used during the manufacturing process are harmful when ingested.

We’ll now look into how appropriate A&D ointment is to use on dogs for scrapes, wounds and rashes, the amount you should apply, and the precautions to take.

Also, are there alternatives for the A&D ointment?

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Is A&D ointment Poisonous When Consumed by Dogs?

A&D ointment is a medicine that is rated safe for both humans and pets.

The main issue is that the ointment can be poisonous for dogs if they ingest it and reach the intestines.

As a result, there is no direct answer to this question.

To be on the safe side be careful when you are applying it to your dog.

The A&D ointments are baby-safe. As a result, some people will assume the ointment is also safe for dogs.

The ointment is safe only if you apply the right amount.

If you apply too much ointment on the rashes, the dog may lick it, and the end result is not desirable.

You should know that A&D ointment has zinc oxide as one of the healing agents for rashes and wounds.

The zinc oxide cannot penetrate the skin of the dog or human. If it gets to the intestines, the dog’s health will be affected adversely.

When ingested in high amounts, the cream will cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain in the dog. So, you need to be cautious as you apply the cream.

Can You Use A&D ointment On Your Dog?

The A&D ointment is mainly used to heal wounded spots and rashes in human beings.

For dogs, the ointment can be used to treat wounds caused by diarrhoea in the anus.

It can also be applied if the dog has small rashes.

But Don’t Let Your Dog Lick It

After applying the cream, ensure that you observe your dog to ensure that it won’t lick the cream.

It is important to keep an eye on your pets since dogs and cats often lick the wounded spots.

After licking the wound where the A&D ointment has been applied, zinc oxide can easily reach the intestines.

The dog will then experience adverse effects because of the zinc oxide.

The dog will experience loss of appetite and vomiting for quite some time.

In some instances, the dogs will also have diarrhoea while experiencing severe abdominal pain.

If you notice any of these symptoms after your dog has ingested the A&D ointment, you should contact a veterinary doctor immediately.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Has Ingested A&D ointment?

You can supervise your dog after applying the cream, but that won’t mean it can’t lick the ointment.

You may be unaware as the dog goes ahead to lick the area where the cream has been applied.

As a result, you should be aware of what follows after the dog has ingested the A&D ointment.

1. For starters, you need to observe your dog and determine the amount of cream it has consumed.

Also, you should observe the dog for a few hours.

If the dog has ingested a small amount, it’ll start vomiting and experience a stomach upset.

2. When you notice the dog has licked the cream, you should stop giving it food.

The dog should fast for at least 12 hours. It may seem cruel; however, the dog will manage to fight the toxicity from the cream well compared to when it’s full.

3. After 12 hours are over, you can feed the dog as usual.

You can also include probiotic food into the dog’s diet, including onions and yogurt.

Can You Use A&D Ointment On Your Dog?

The A&D ointment can be applied on the dog’s wounded spots since it is safe.

The only issue comes about when the dog ingests the cream.

If your dog has a lanolin allergy, you shouldn’t apply the cream.

For those who are unsure, you should first consult a veterinary doctor before going ahead with anything.

The vet will advise you accordingly.

Rashes can be caused by many other things thus, you can only be sure when you treat it with the right medication as advised by a professional.