Can Dogs Eat Olives? (Green and Black Olives)

So can dogs eat olives? And are olives safe for dogs?

As nutritionists recommend, you can provide your dog with olives in moderation however salted olives can be unhealthy for your dog as too many olives can add unnecessary calories to your dog's diet because they contain fats and proteins.

Let's look at some of the other issues you need to consider...

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Side Effects of Olives on dogs

Olives also have side effects if your dog consumes a lot of them.

Such side effects include:

Gastrointestinal: In dogs, this is the most common side effect of olives

Diarrhea: If dogs consume too many olives, they will get diarrhea.

Stomach upset: Due to too many olives, the dog can get stomach upset that may make it restless.

Discomfort: Dogs may get discomfort because the olives are making them have stomach upset and diarrhea.

Weight gain: An excessive amount of fat found in olives can cause weight gain and obesity problems.

Pancreatitis: The risk of getting pancreatitis is higher if you feed your dog with too many olives.

Do Olives Make Dogs Sick?

Excessive salt intake in most cases causes salt poisoning and water deprivation.

Because of that reason, your dog may get sick if the salt is not regulated and drinking water available.

Do Olives Give Dogs Diarrhea?

Yes, diarrhea or loose stools are possible if your dog consumes too many olives making the dog sick.

How Many Olives Can A Dog Eat?

There is a limit on how much olives your dog can take. The amount of olives you feed your dog depends on the dog's size.

Per day, a medium-sized dog is given one tablespoon of olives as the base amount.

Smaller dogs may need just a teaspoon.

While bigger dogs may be given more.

Keep in mind that as Olives are not a typical dog food there is not really a "correct" amount or suggested serving size.

Just remember that your dog is not human so therefore should not eat as many olives as you.

Are Olives Bad for Dogs?

Some hazards such as choking or obstructions to dogs are witnessed, although olives do not contain any toxic ingredients.

In your puppy's intestinal tract, they can block airways and lodge.

An excessive amount of sodium found in canned and pickled olives is unhealthy for your dog.

Benefits of Eating Olives For Dogs

Healthy coat: The addition of beautiful shine to your dog's skin is because they contain fatty acids.

Weight control: To maintain healthy body weight, your dog's pooch is needed for optimal health.

Joint health: olives provide anti-inflammatory effects produced by the oleic acid and antioxidants in olives like ibuprofen. Olive oil offers natural alternatives to reduce pain in dogs.

Immunity boost: olive oil contains high levels of polyphenols since it's a plant-based substance.

Are Olives Toxic To Dogs?

No, olives are not toxic for dogs. 

In small doses olives have health benefits for dogs as mentioned above however most olives contain high amounts of salt or sodium which is not healthy for dogs.

So Can A Dog Eat Olive?

A dog can eat olives, but it should be in a reasonable manner.

A dog cannot eat olives in excess or if they have allergies towards olives.