Can Dogs Eat Jujube

Yes, jujube fruit can be eaten by dogs. Jujube is a small red date from Asia. The fruit has a chewy texture and apple flavor. Dark red or purple with a wrinkly body is the shape and color for mature and ripe jujube.

The fruit is rich in vitamin C, carbs, potassium, proteins, and calcium. The benefits that come along with these fruits are many for human beings and also dogs.

If your dog has low blood sugar, jujube will be the best option to use to increase sugar levels. The amount of jujube that dogs should consume should be in small quantities.

Jujube contains high sugar levels and too much sugar can be poisonous hence causing an increase in blood sugar level, diarrhea, and vomiting.

The fruit is not toxic but in a moderate way, the dog should be given the flesh one.

You need to be very careful when giving your dog jujube fruits because some contain pits that bring about choking and intestinal blockage.

Because jujube has seed or core inside, babies or little dogs should not be fed with it. The pet owner should make sure that the seeds or cores in jujube are removed before feeding it to the dogs.

It is also advised that a dog should not eat many jujubes at a go. Because of that reason, the recommended quantity should be checked and given once and not more than twice a day.

Is jujube Bad for Dogs?

Jujube is not bad for dogs because it is rich in vitamins although the sugar in it can make your dog sick when the dog eats too much of it.

Is Jujube Good for Dogs?

Jujube is good for dogs because it is rich in vitamin A and C that is required for the immune system and healthy skin of your dog.

It also has an antitumor effect which reduces the risk of lung cancer and prevents the formation of tumors.

What Are the Side Effects of Jujube on Dogs?

The side effects of Jujube on dogs are as follows;

  • Diarrhea
  • Cramping
  • Vomiting

Hence the right amount should be given to the dog as recommended.

Are there any benefits to dogs eating Jujube?

The benefits of dogs eating Jujube are as follows;

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Antitumor effect
  • Dietary fiber

Does Jujube Make Dogs Sick?

Jujube will make not make a dog sick because it is not toxic to dogs. Although if jujube is taken in high amount, the sugar content may make the dog sick.

Does Jujube Give Dogs Diarrhea?

Jujube will give your dog diarrhea when they are ripe because they are sour, sweet, and has a flavor that is not good for the digestion process.

How Much Jujube Can a Dog Eat?

A dog can eat one or two jujube per day and should avoid those with pits because when they are swallowed wholly, they may cause intestinal blockage or choking.

Will Jujube Make My Dog Fat?

Jujube will make your dog fat because it is rich of proteins, fiber and very low calorie. It makes your dog fat because it decreases glucose levels which prevent weight gain in dogs.

Is Jujube Safe for Dogs?

Jujube is safe for dogs because it provides them with nutritional additive to the body such as vitamin C and vitamin A.

Will Jujube Poison My Dog?

Jujube will poison your dog when the required amount of fruit is fed in the large amount. The fruit has a high content of sugar which may poison the dog if taken in large amount.

Will Jujube Kill My Dog?

Jujube will not kill your dog because it is safe and good to used internally.


Dogs can eat Jujube because Jujube is rich in nutritional content.

Jujube is good for dogs because it provides nutritional content that helps the dog to grow healthy and strong.

The side effects on dogs are the following: Diarrhea, Cramping, Vomiting, etc

There the benefits to dogs when eating Jujube is as follows:

  • Increase in body weight
  • Reach in nutrients such as vitamins and proteins
  • Improve the hair skin of the dog

Jujube will not make your dog sick when the right content of jujube is given to the dog.

Jujube will give you dog Diarrhea when the fruit is ripe because it is sweet, sour, and has a flavor that is not good for digestion.

Your dog can eat one or two jujubes per day and not more than that.

Jujube will make your dog fat because it provides protein and nutrients that help in weight gain.

Jujube is safe for dogs because it is not toxic.

Jujube will poison your dog if the amount is exceeded due to much sugar content in the fruits.

Jujube not kill your dog.