Can Dogs Drink Juice? (Pro’s, Con’s, Warnings)

When it comes to quenching our dog’s thirst, we often gravitate towards giving them a bowl of water, but is it actually possible for our dogs to drink other things?

There's no doubt they'd drink almost anything you gave them whether it was good for them or not.

But that doesn't neccessarily mean we should give them other liquids.

For instance, can dogs drink juice?

Read on for the answer...

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Can Dogs Drink Juice: A Quick Summary

The short answer to this question is yes - it is in fact possible for your dog to drink juice. 

The follow up question to this should be ‘should my dog drink juice,’ though.

After all, in theory a dog could eat or drink anything but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the item of choice is going to be good for them.

It is perfectly safe for your dog to drink juice so long as it’s in small amounts. By small amounts, we mean allowing your dog to lick the remnants of fruit off a plate after you’ve finished chopping yourself a fruit salad. 

The biggest problem with juices is that they tend to be made using artificial flavors and coloring, and this is not at all good for your dog

Ultimately when you’re looking to get a drink for your dog, a bowl of clean filtered water will do just fine. A dog doesn’t need to have fruit in its diet unlike a human does.

Dogs have a different digestive system to humans, so it can be hard for them to eat and drink certain things containing caffeine, alcohol or lactose. 

It would be fine if you were making your own juice but in very small quantities.

Can Dogs Drink Orange Juice?

Vitamin C is good for people, so OJ is good for people in low quantities. But what about for dogs?

Well, the biggest issue with orange juice is that it contains a very large amount of sugar and citric acid. This is a very poor idea for a dog. 

In fact, the acid in orange juice can be very bad for your dog’s stomach and it can even ruin your dog’s tooth enamel over time. 

With that being said, you don’t need to panic if your dog has ingested a little tiny bit of orange juice - just watch out if they’ve somehow managed to pull a whole carton off the shelf. 

Can Dogs Drink Juice

But I Want to Give My Dog Juice, so What Can they have?

Good question, dear reader. If you simply can’t resist giving your dog some juice, might we suggest some carrot juice?

Your dog will love carrot juice as not only does it contain a great deal of water, but it also contains fiber, potassium and lots of yummy important vitamins for your pooch.

It would ideally be better just to give them the carrot chopped up into little pieces, but juice is also a pretty good idea.


The short answer to the question is yes, your dog can drink juice, but in general you should try to avoid it unless it’s something like carrot juice.

Ultimately your dog’s stomach is much more sensitive than yours is, so they can’t eat and drink the same things that you do.

Watching your dog slurp up a bowl of orange juice may seem like you’re doing them a favor at the time, but it can result in your dog feeling unpleasant which is the last thing anyone wants for their furry friend. 

Instead, it’s best to just give your dog some fresh, clean water as this is what’s best for your dog and his digestive system. Fruit juices simply aren’t necessary for maintaining a dog’s healthy diet.

If you must give your dog juice then it must be in small amounts and it must be homemade.

You should also check with your vet, as some dogs may be more sensitive than others or your dog may be allergic to some of the ingredients.

If your dog accidentally drinks small quantities of fruit juices however you need not fear, as this is unlikely to do massive amounts of harm.