Can Dogs Drink Coconut Water (Pro’s, Con’s, Warnings)

Can dogs drink coconut water? Should they drink coconut water? Is it good or bad for them?

These are the types of questions most dog owners have asked themselves at one point or other.

And with something like coconut water it's not clear cut like it is with say alcohol for example which you obviously would never give to your dog

Unfortunately the answer is not a definitive yes or not but depends on the following factors...

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Is Coconut Water Safe For Dogs?

Personally I love coconut water with spicy food like curry but I obviously would not feed my dog spicy curry.

But what about coconut water...

Coconut water is, in fact, safe for dogs to drink, however, care does need to be taken.

While it is safe for dogs, it should not be a substitute for water.

Water is the most important drink for a dog and should not be replaced. 

Coconut water is fairly rich for a dog. Given this, it should only be given in small doses. If a dog overindulges, it can likely make them sick or they may suffer from diarrhea and an upset stomach.

If you are planning to give your dog coconut water straight from the coconut, you should ensure to empty some of their water into the bowl.

It is not recommended that a dog is given a coconut shell. This can potentially be hazardous and cause them to choke. 

The AKC assures that coconut water is safe for dogs to consume. However, as with any treat, it should only be given to your dog in small amounts. 

Some dogs may be allergic to coconut milk. If you notice that your dog has an allergic reaction after consuming the drink, we would recommend visiting the vet as soon as possible. 

Benefits Of Giving Your Dog Coconut Water?

Coconut water does have its benefits and can be a great cool drink for your dog during the summer months.


Coconut water contains plenty of electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals that animals need as well as humans.

These minerals can include sodium, vitamin C, potassium, and calcium which are important for a dog’s overall health. 

In addition to improving your dog’s overall health, electrolytes help to keep a dog hydrated. This is always important. However, in the summer months, it is particularly important to ensure that your dog is well hydrated. 

Electrolytes can provide an energy boost for your dog which is great and keeps them healthy and active. 

When a dog is ill or dehydrated, the dog must have an intake of the minerals it has lost. Electrolytes help to provide this. 

Immune System Boost

As coconut water contains many essential vitamins and minerals, it will provide a good immune system boost for your dog

If your dog needs a boost due to illness or an operation, a small amount of coconut water can be beneficial.

Coconut water has been linked to helping to fight off viruses, which can be helpful if your dog has an illness. 

Skin and Coat

Coconut water can help to improve your dog’s skin and coat. If your dog suffers from irritated skin, coconut water can help to calm the irritation.

In addition to this, it is said to improve irritations that have been caused by fleas or other insect bites.

Due to the vitamins and minerals found in coconut water, it can also help to improve your dog’s coat, making it a lot shinier. 

Joints and Ligaments

Coconut water can help to improve your dog’s mobility if they suffer from joint or ligament issues.

This is likely due to the added vitamins and minerals in coconut water.

What Coconut Milk Should I Give My Dog?

Ideally, you should give your dog coconut water that has been approved for a dog’s consumption.

You can find a handful of different brands that create coconut milk that is entirely safe for dogs to consume online and in pet stores.

This will ensure that there are no added sugars or ingredients that can potentially disagree with your dog. 

If you cannot find coconut water that is suitable for dogs, we would recommend checking the packaging thoroughly. You will want to purchase organic coconut water with no additives. 

Can Dogs Drink Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk is slightly different from coconut water. While coconut water is essentially water and minerals, coconut milk is a lot richer and higher in its fat and oil content. 

Given this, it is far more likely to upset your dog’s stomach in comparison to coconut water. If your dog has a particularly sensitive stomach, we would not recommend coconut milk as it can cause stomach and digestive issues, in addition to loose stools. 

It is also high in calories, so if your dog does overindulge, over time this can cause weight gain.

Overall, it is okay to give your dog coconut milk if they are not sensitive or allergic to it. However, it should only be given as an occasional drink and should not replace water or other fluids.

You should also ensure that you are choosing coconut milk that does not contain additives and is completely safe for dogs to consume.

If you are unsure of whether or not to allow your dog to consume coconut milk, we would recommend chatting to your veterinarian about it. 


As long as your dog does not have an allergy or intolerance to coconut water it is safe for your dog to consume. 

While it does have many benefits such as added electrolytes and many nutrients, coconut water should not replace water.

Coconut water is a treat that is great to give to your dog, especially on warm days, but you should always ensure that they are consuming it in small portions and do not overindulge.

Overindulge Indulge, this can lead to stomach or digestive problems that you will want to avoid. 

You will need to be cautious with coconut milk as it is calorific and contains fat and oils that can potentially disagree with your dog.

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