Can Dogs Drink Apple Juice? (Pros, Cons, Warnings)

Can dogs drink apple juice? Is apple juice good for dogs or will apple juice make dogs sick?

Obviously freshly squeezed apple juice can be good for us humans as it's packed with vitamins and minerals and is much healthier than concentrated juice or fizzy drinks.

So, when you’re pouring yourself a glass of apple juice, is it a good idea to pour some into your dog’s water bowl

Although you have probably seen your dog attempt to eat anything that isn’t nailed down, it's probably not a good idea and here's why...

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Why Can't Dogs Drink Apple Juice?

So, why can’t dogs drink apple juice? It might not seem like a particularly harmful beverage but it isn’t the best.

Although sugar and fiber are needed in every diet, apple juice is very high in both. This can lead to digestive problems and even cause your dog to have diarrhea.

They won’t become particularly ill but it’s just not worth the risk for anyone involved.

So if you're asking "is apple juice good for dogs?" the answer is no, apple juice is not good for dogs.

It's not that apple juice is so bad for dogs that it's toxic but it's not healthy for them either.

Can Dogs Drink Apple Juice?

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

But what about actual apples? Can dogs eat them? Luckily, the answer to this is yes!

When we think of a dog’s diet, we usually imagine a lot of meat and protein. But this isn’t all they need.

In fact, although dogs do require a high-protein diet, they also need a lot of fiber and carbohydrates. Both of which are in fruit.

Apples are a great healthy snack for your dog. Plus, due to the texture, they can help keep your dog’s teeth clean. And they will even freshen their breath.

So, if your dog is sitting next to you pining after your apple juice (although let’s be honest, they will pine after anything you try to eat or drink), try chopping up a real apple for them instead.

So Can Dogs Drink Apple Juice? Is It Safe?

As most apple juice is high in sugar and often artificially sweetened it's not recommended to let dogs drink apple juice. And there are other types of juice, like grape juice, that can be toxic for them.

You would be much better giving them a fresh apple to eat as they can benefit from the vitamins and the fibre.

So it's not that drinking apple juice as a dog is unsafe as such but it's just not recommended or healthy for a dog to drink apple juice either. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Juice And Dogs...

Can dogs eat apple juice?

It's not recommended as apple juice typically has a high sugar count and artificial sweeteners which are not good for dogs health.

Is apple juice good for dogs?

No, apple juice is not good for dogs due to the sugar content.

Is apple juice bad for dogs?

Yes, apple juice is bad for dogs and can lead to digestive problems.

Can I give my dog apple juice anyway?

Whilst a small amount will probably do most dogs no long term harm you would be best avoiding it if possible as it's doing them no favours.

Can my dog eat an apple instead of apple juice?

Yes, it would be much healthier to feed your dog some fresh apple than apple juice.