3 Best Tactical Dog Gear

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The best tactical dog gear is the goal of every dog owner, whether you’re a dog trainer, in the military dog unit, or police dog handlers.

It can be hard to find the perfect set of equipment that will not only work for your dog but also for you!

If you are looking for a new leash or harness, look no further than this blog post. I have compiled reviews from some of the three top brands on the market, so you know which one to choose.

Whether you are in the military, in a dog training class, or just looking for a new leash and harness to take your dog on adventures with you, this list has you covered. So, let’s get started with our list, shall we?

1. Ruffwear WebMaster

The Ruffwear Web Master is one of the best leashes for dogs. As a dog trainer, I have tried out many different harnesses on my dogs, and the Ruffwear Web Master Harness is by far my favorite. In fact, one of my dogs wears this harness every day to go for his walks!

This is because it’s easy to adjust and put on the dog. You can easily put it on and take it off by clipping both ends underneath and then pulling over your dog’s head. It also has a handle on the back in case you need to grab them quickly.

The chest is well padded, and there’s even a little zippered pocket for treats! This harness comes in seven colors: red, blue, green, pink, orange, black, and purple.


  • This harness comes in 7 different colors
  • It is easy to put on and off.
  • It has a pocket for treats so you can give your dog a treat anytime.
  • The chest is well padded, so there’s no chafing when it rubs against your dog’s fur.


  • This leash is more expensive than the others on this list.

2. Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger harness is another great harness for dogs that I love to use with my clients’ dogs.

Herm Sprenger is a name that everyone in dog training will know. Sprenger is known as the Mercedes Benz of dog training equipment, and it’s for a good reason!

The German-made Herm Sprenger Double Ply Dog Lead is a fantastic choice for both you and your dog as it is made from the highest quality materials on the market.

It’s one of the most comfortable leashes to handle, even when the dog pulls with full force. The Sprenger also has different leash style options like the Ruffwear above, but it lacks in comfort.

This leash has a metal handle, and it is not as comfortable as Ruffwear’s. It’s made for functionality and long-term wearability, but that comes at the cost of wearer comfort.


  • Made from the highest quality materials on the market
  • Great choice if you want to use only one leash for all outdoor activities


  • Not very comfortable to handle for extended periods.

The Herm Sprenger Double Ply Dog Lead is one of the highest quality leashes on the market, but it’s not for everyone due to its discomfort while handling.

3. Lupine

Lupine dog leashes are known to be some of the most durable leashes on the market. It’s also one of the more expensive options but well worth it if you’re looking for a leash that will last years to come.

The Lupine Plurabelle Leash is a fantastic choice as it comes in three different handle styles and has quality stitching. It doesn’t have a metal handle, but it makes up for that with a well-balanced design.

The Lupine has a thick handle and is 100% comfortable to hold even when the dog pulls hard with full force. The leash is made from quality materials that are built to last.


  • Comes in three different styles, which is perfect if you love changing leash styles
  • High-quality stitching and stylish design.


  • The largest size is outrageously expensive for most dog owners.
  • This leash is a bit heavier than other leashes on this list.

The Lupine Plurabelle Leash is one of the highest quality leashes for dog owners looking to invest in their dog’s equipment.

The Lupine Plurabelle Leash has you covered if you’re looking for an extremely durable dog leash that will last for years to come.


Every dog owner needs a leash and harness in order to properly walk their dog. It’s important that you find the best option for you and your dog because I know how frustrating it can be when something doesn’t work right away.

Here are my 3 best tactical dog leashes;

1) Ruffwear WebMaster

2) Herm Sprenger

3) Lupine

If I had to just pick one, it would be the Ruffwear WebMaster because it’s extremely compact and lightweight yet comfortable to handle.