Best Tactical Dog Crate

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When travelling with my dog on official business occasions, I always want it to be very secure since this gives me a stress-free journey.

In my years of service, I have tried several dog crates and have come up with three that work best for me: gunner kennel, ruff tuff kennel and impact crates.

These working crates are for travelling via planes or vehicles and exhibit excellent safety features, are highly functional and well-built and will keep your dog secure and well protected.

The official policies always require the crate to be large enough such that your dog can lay down, sit, and even turn around without touching the top or sides of the container.

Gunner Kennel

What the Product is Used For?

When travelling, you need to ensure your dog is exceptionally secure and tightly held by the cage so that it does not get loose easily. This product ensures this for you.

Key Specifications of the Product

  • The gunner kennel is a rotomolded, double-walled plastic crate that has great insulation properties. These insulation properties help block hot or cold air from the outside such that your dog is well protected from harsh environments at all times.
  • The crate comes with a plug that is used for easy cleaning and draining. The material used in making it can stand up to extreme weather conditions and even the roughest of jobs and dogs.

Key Features of the Product

This is the only crate for dog transportation that offers multiple certifications with extensive safety and stress testing. It is said to withstand a blast from a 12 gauge shotgun at a distance of 7 steps with zero penetration.

Pros of the Product

  • This crate is highly durable
  • It offers extreme high levels of safety due to the material used in making it
  • It offers payment programs to those who cannot afford the full amount at the time of purchase.

Cons of the Product

  • Its very costly.
  • It has a low configurability

Why I Have Included this Product

The gunner crate offers protection far beyond any other kennel I have ever used. It surpasses durability and safety levels when you stack it beside all the other plastic kennels and crates.

Ruff Tuff Crate

What the Product Can Do

This crate is built to dissipate and absorb impact, and since they stack together beautifully, they can be a perfect pick for dog handlers who drive a lot with lots of dogs.

Key Specifications of the Product

  • It is found in five different sizes for most sizes of dogs
  • Its doors are made of composite materials that are secured with several metal rods. The company puts a door on either sides of the crate and they also offer double doors.

Key Features of the Product

  • This crate may not be pretty but it functions perfectly.
  • It comes in three main colours: green, tan and neon green with many varieties of door configurations.

Pros of Ruff Tuff Crates

  • It’s made of simple designs
  • It can be easily stacked with other crates of its nature.
  • It offers multiple door configurations.
  • Its budget friendly hence easily affordable.
  • It’s generally light to carry along as you travel.

Cons of Ruff Tuff

  • Lacks customizability
  • Lacks aesthetics

Why I Have Included this Product

This is a no-fuss crate that highly performs well in stress testing. It’s built to absorb impact, plus it is budget-friendly with only a few tradeoffs when compared to other more expensive brands.

Impact Crates

What is the Product Used For?

Impact crates ensure high security for your dog, especially when travelling by plane.

Key Specifications of the Product

  • It’s built out of aluminum, making it very strong and highly reliable to hold your dog in place when travelling.
  • Comes in 10 different sizes to fit dogs of varying sizes

Key Features of Impact Crates

It has multiple features that help with temperature regulation and clean airflow into the crate.

Pros of Impact Crate

  • It can be extremely customized
  • It’s built for all sizes of working dogs
  • It has collapsible options, which come in handy when travelling by plane
  • It is light to transport

Cons of Impact Crates

  • They are very costly
  • They may require assembling, which may prove challenging if you lack the required tools and skills.

Why I Have Included This Product

This is a rock-solid, beautiful box made for hard work and many more uses.


So what’s the best product? Here’s my top 3:

  • 1.Gunner kennel
  • 2.Ruff tuff crate
  • 3.Impact crates

If I had to pick just one out of the three I have discussed above, it would be the gunner kennel because its safety and durability surpass all the other crates.