Best Tactical Dog Backpack

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A tactical dog backpack is a must-have if you have a service dog or a pooch that loves to travel. Be it law enforcement work, an adventurous trip to the park, or a hike, this gear can cut the burden for you and your pup.

There are hundreds of tactical dog backpacks available and finding the best one for your dog can be quite unsettling. To help you, we have curated a list of the three best tactical backpacks on the market. Here are the best tactical dog backpacks for your dog:

1. OneTigris Dog Backpack

If you are looking for ease and simplicity, you can find that in OneTigris’ dog backpack. This no-frills accessory is about as straightforward as they come – offering convenient dual packs and internal organization for all your equipment.

Made of high-quality cotton canvas, this backpack provides better holding as well as breathable comfort for active dogs to move around without causing abrasion or damage to your dog’s health.

One of the highlights of OneTigris’ dog backpack is that it comes with spacious pouches – two 3L main zipper side compartments. Additionally, it features semi-open pockets for carrying dog food holders, medicine, food, waste disposal bags, and snacks. A great plus is that the saddlebag is customizable and easy to use.

This backpack comes in three different sizes – small, medium, and large. To get the right size, measure your dog’s neck and chest girth. Be sure to leave two inches between the pack and the dog’s tail.


• Weight: Size M – 16.2oz/460g Size L – 19.7oz/560g
• Material: Cotton Canvas
• Closure Type: UTX-Duraflex Buckles, YKK Zippers, Stainless Steel D-rings


• Comes with zipping pockets
• Includes a D-string for front and rear leash attachment
• Comfortable and lightweight material
• Adjustable clipping straps


• No reflective material
• Handle not designed for carrying a dog

2. Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack

Easy in both form and function, this dog backpack from Kurgo has eight adjustable points for a near-custom fit. It features ergonomic padded spine support contours to make sure your pooch is comfortable when carrying a load.

The backpack comes with two saddlebags to store essentials and balance the load. These saddlebags are lightweight, comfortable, and large enough to hold hiking accessories such as food, doggie bags, travel bowls, and first aid supplies among others.

Details like an integrated dog harness with rear-mounted leash hook make this backpack my favourite. Another plus is the rear D-ring on the chest strap that can also be used as a bottle opener.

This gear features a durable polyester and nylon exterior that is both tear and wear-resistant to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. Even better, it comes with reflective strips for visibility in the dark. The pack includes a large handle for extra control over your dog or to assist them over obstacles. It comes in two sizes – Baxter size and big Baxter size and is available in coastal blue, barn red, and black/orange.


• Product Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 1 inches
• Weight: 13.6 Ounces
• Material: Polyester, Nylon
• Closure Type: Double Ring


• Sturdy handle for maximum control
• Two large saddlebags
• Reflective strips for night-time visibility
• Eight points of adjustment for proper fit
• Padded sternum strap for increased comfort


• A bit small
• Thin pouches compared to other packs
• Straps need extra cinching

3. IceFang Tactical Backpack

Whether you like taking your pooch hiking or just looking for a reliable gear-carrying harness for your service animal, the IceFang tactical backpack is an excellent option. Lightweight, comfortable and breathable – these are just some of the highlights of this pack.

The backpack is made from water-resistant double-layer polyester for durability and lightness so your dog can carry it around in comfort even with a full load of gear. It also has a soft mesh-lined underside for comfort and durability.

It comes with two strips of molle that are sewn onto both sides to allow your dog to carry gear during training and adventure hiking. With this molle, you can hook a dog bowl, water bottle, and toys through the D shape carabiner.

The internal storage is spacious enough for all the necessary supplies – from water to snacks, to baggies and everything in-between. The saddle pack features compression webbing to ensure the load carried is properly balanced. Worth mentioning is the reinforced back handle that allows you to snatch your dog easily and quickly if they are in danger.


• Package Dimensions: 15.16 x 12.32 x 2.09 inches
• Weight: 1.5 Pounds
• Material: Nylon
• Closure Type: Buckle

• Heavy-duty materials that last
• Harness-style design
• Comes with a handle and leash attachments
• Available in four sizes


• Does not have reflective
• The D ring strap may be loose
• Not ideal for hot days

As you might imagine, the three bags listed here are excellent options for adventurous hikes, law enforcement work, and everyday use. But if you need a reliable harness for your pooch, you can’t do better than the Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack. The pack features removable saddlebags, reflective liner, a reinforced handle, and secure leash attachments.