5 Best Leather Dog Leashes (20hr Study Concludes)

Walking your dog is also one of the most relaxing things you can do to unwind from a busy day if you ask me. However...

Get the wrong type of dog leash and that relaxation can soon turn into stress! 

If you haven't experienced this yet you will at some point with either a cheap or a non leather leash...

The handle has snapped, the lead has torn, or the clasp has broken and now your dog is running away into the distance.

Or worse they are chasing or being chased from another dog and it's all getting a bit aggressive. 

Good luck getting him back under control now...if you can even find him!

To prevent losing your dog and to keep him safe and under control at all times you need to use a leather dog leash from day 1 and today I'll share the best options.

But before I reveal my top pick of best leash here's why you can have faith in my recommendation...

Before writing this post I spent over 20 hours consulting the websites of dozens of popular dog care blogs, studying the specifications of 10+ of the top leash manufacturers, and analyzing over 1,000 user opinions of the most popular products before drawing any conclusions.

My research shows these are the best leather dog leashes for the money...

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This Leather Dog Leash from Fairwin is tough enough to keep your dog safely restrained but still ensures both you and your canine friend are kept comfortable throughout your walk.

This is thanks to the 100% US imported leather construction and innovative finishing touches. 

Let’s start by taking a look at how it will help to keep your dog safe and secure while they are on the leash.

Most leather leashes have a thickness of around 3mm. This leash has a 5mm thickness and features plaiting at the clasp end, giving it extra strength. 

It also features a top-grade, heavy-duty copper alloy clasp that easily secure to your dog’s collar.

This clasp is capable of withstanding up to 500lb of pull force without breaking, so it’s ideal when you’re walking a dog that likes to pull! 

The 5.6ft length also gives your dog plenty of room to sniff and explore without feeling too restrained, while still allowing you to quickly restrain them when necessary. 

To ensure you’re as comfortable as possible while you’re walking your dog, this leather dog leash also features an edged-handle.

This allows you to keep a secure grip on the leash without having to worry about it pinching or digging into your hand.

This is a super tough, hard wearing leather dog leash that will last you for a long time.

It even includes a two-year warranty as a testament to its quality. 


  • A super tough, extra-thick leather dog leash that is made from 100% US imported leather.

  • Features a heavy-duty copper alloy clasp that can withstand up to 500lbs of pull force

  • Measure 5.6ft long, giving your dog the freedom to explore without feeling overly restrained

  • Also features an edged-handle that offers you a secure grip without sacrificing comfort

  • Comes complete with a 2-year warranty


  • Some people that purchased this leash noted that they could feel the leather stretching when their dog pulled. However, there are no reports of this resulting in it breaking or tearing.


The Logical Leather Dog Leash is available in 11 different colors, allowing you to choose the perfect accessory for your pooch!

It also comes in a variety of lengths, so whether you prefer to let your dog explore or keep them closer to hand, there is a choice for everybody! 

It’s not all about style, though. This leather dog leash has been constructed with quality and your dog’s safety in mind.

The premium-grade leather is one of the toughest materials you’ll ever find when looking for a leash, and it’s also water-resistant.

This means you’ll be able to take your dog out in all weather conditions without their leash getting damaged.

The nickel-plated solid brass clasps allow you to easily attach this leash to your dog’s collar and ensure that a strong connection is established at all times.

This clasp is even capable of withstanding up to 245lbs of pull force, so even if your dog spies a squirrel and decides to chase, you’ll be able to restrain them without worrying about the leash snapping.

This leather leash also features an edged-handle to help keep your hands safe and comfortable while you’re walking your dog.

And, to give you that extra bit of value for money, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. 



  • Has a strong, chemical smell when fresh out of the box. However, this quickly dissipates.


To add a little extra strength, each end of this Leather Dog Leash from Soft Touch Collars has been braided.

This allows it to withstand increased tension and prevents the leash from snapping or tearing at the handle or clasp-end, even if your dog tends to pull a lot when being walked. 

The strength of this dog leash is further enhanced by the naturally-tanned, premium leather construction and solid brass clasp.

The clasp is also rust-proof, so even if there is a sudden downpour of rain while you’re out exploring with your dog, you won’t need to worry about the leash getting damaged.

Added padding on the handle helps to ensure that you’re kept comfortable at all times and reduces the risk of leash-burn or pinching.

It also helps to offer you a more secure grip on the leash, so you’ll be able to keep a tight hold on your dog if they suddenly pull forward.

This leather dog leash is available in a range of colors and in three different length and width sizes, too.

This allows you to find the perfect level of strength for your dogs’ size, as well as giving them the opportunity to explore a little more freely without feeling too restrained. 

It also comes with a lifetime warranty so, in the unlikely event of it breaking, you’ll be covered for repair or replacement without any fuss. 


  • Features braiding at each end to add extra strength

  • Constructed from premium-quality, naturally-tanned leather

  • Has a solid brass, rust-proof clasp for added durability in all weather conditions

  • Also features a padded handle for an extra secure, comfortable grip

  • Available in a range of colors and sizes, and includes a lifetime warranty


  • Can be a little stiff to begin with, but soon becomes more pliable after a few walks


The Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash from FOCUSPET has been cleverly designed with two handles; one located at the top of the leash and another close to the clasp.

This allows you to restrain your dog closer when needed without having to wrap the entire leash around your hand. 

Both handles feature braiding directly above them as well, and this provides extra strength when there is a lot of tension being put on the leash.

The top handle is also padded to allow for a more secure grip while ensuring your hand is kept as comfortable as possible at all times.

The premium, cow-leather construction of this dog leash ensures that it is tough, hardwearing, and weather resistant.

It can also withstand up to 500lbs of pull force without breaking or tearing.

So it’s an ideal choice for larger dogs that have a tendency to pull on the leash.

This leash has a length of 6ft, which allows your dog to explore freely without feeling too restrained.

Meanwhile, the 360º rotating, rust-proof clasp helps to ensure a strong connection between the leash and collar at all times. 


  • Features a two-handled design to offer you flexibility over leash-length

  • Constructed from premium cow leather that can withstand up to 500lbs of pull force

  • Also features braided patches above each handle for extra strength

  • The rust-proof clasp has 360º rotation that allows for flexibility and freedom of movement

  • Measure 6ft long to allow your dog to explore without feeling too restrained


  • The clasp is large compared to the rest of the leash, however, this ensures a strong connection is established between the leash and collar at all times


Perfect for medium and large-sized dogs, this Heavy Duty Dog Leash from ADITYNA is constructed from a single piece of premium leather.

This gives it the strength to withstand the pressure of pulling without ever breaking, splitting, or tearing. 

Your hands are kept as comfortable as possible while walking your dog on this leash too, thanks to the soft-edged handle.

This prevents leash-burn and pinching, while still ensuring you’re able to keep a secure grip on the leash. The handle is also riveted to the leash to keep it firmly attached in place. 

The clasp is made of highly durable stainless steel, which adds to the strength of the lead.

It also rotates 360º, so no pressure points are put on the end of the leash if your dog suddenly decides to change direction. 

The 6ft length is ideal for giving your dog the freedom to explore without feeling too restrained, while still allowing you to take control whenever you need to.

This leather leash also comes with a 2-year warranty and free poop bag dispenser, offering you that extra bit of value for money!


  • Constructed from a single piece of premium leather for ultimate durability

  • Features a soft-edged handle that ensures a comfortable and secure grip 

  • The stainless steel clasp rotates 360º to allow your dog to explore freely and to prevent pressure points from forming on the leash

  • Measure 6ft long, so is ideal for allowing your dog the freedom to explore while ensuring you still have control

  • Comes complete with a 2-year warranty and a free poop bag dispenser


Best Leather Dog Leash Buying Guide

You might think that purchasing a leather dog leash is a fairly straightforward task.

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you’re deciding which is the best option for your dog. 

Do they pull a lot? How much freedom are they used to? And have they proven to be a bit of a Houdini when it comes to getting themselves free from their leash in the past?

Below, we’ve highlighted some key points to consider when you’re shopping for your dog’s new leash.

Paying a little attention to each of these will help you find the best leather dog leash possible the first time around, and will even help to save you a lot of time and money!

Why Leather?

Dog leashes are available in a huge variety of materials, but leather has always been regarded as the best. But why is this? There are a few reasons. 

First of all, leather is extremely durable. It can take a good amount of pulling, stretching, and beating without showing any signs of damage.

Think about a pair of leather shoes you might have had for a while. The reason they’re still with you is that they are so tough! The same principle applies to leather dog leashes. 

Another reason leather is the most popular choice of material in a dog leash is because it’s highly weather-resistant.

It can be taken out in the rain, snow, ice, high winds, and baking sunshine without getting damaged. 


While leather is strong, there are other elements to a dog leash that need to work alongside this natural strength to ensure it performs well and lasts a long time.

One of the most important elements to think about is the leash’s clasp. Too weak, and it could break away from the leash if your dog suddenly pulls.

Most leather leashes will feature either a brass or a stainless steel clasp, and both of these are ideal as they are really strong.

They are also weather-resistant, so there’s no chance of them rusting or degrading when subjected to the elements.

A clasp that features 360º rotation is a really good feature to look out for. This will allow your dog to explore a little more freely, but won’t create any pressure points on the leash if they suddenly change direction.


It’s not just your dog that needs to be comfortable while they’re on the leash, though. You also need to be as comfortable as possible while you’re leading them, and the answer to this lies in the handle.

Soft-edged handles are becoming an increasingly common feature of leather leashes, and these are great as they’ll help to prevent leash-burn or pinching if your dog pulls.

Padded handles are also really great for keeping your hands safe and comfortable, and they can also allow you to establish a firmer grip on the leash. 

Whichever handle design you choose, it’s also important to make sure it is securely connected to the rest of the leash. Most handles are double-stitched in place to create a strong bond.

However, if your dog is particularly strong, you may want to look at a leash that has a riveted handle. This will dramatically reduce the risk of the looped-handle detaching from the main body of the leash.


Your dog needs to be able to explore when they’re enjoying their daily walk, but you also need to be able to control them when necessary. This is where the length of the leash comes into play.

A leash somewhere between 5-6ft in length is ideal

This will allow your dog to sniff around, explore freely, and run off a little into the distance without feeling too restrained.

And, when you feel as though they need to be held back, you’ll be able to take full control in a much faster time than you would with a retracted leash. 


Leather dog leashes are available in a wider variety of color choices and, although this has no impact on their quality, it’s always nice to find something that suits your dog and your personal taste.

There can be a safety aspect to leash-color choice, though.

If you were to accidentally lose your grip on the leash and your dog was to run away as a result, it would be easier to spot them if they were dragging a brightly colored leash behind them.

So, if you’ve got a dog with a history of finding its way out of your grip, then a brightly colored leash would be a good choice.

Or, if you’d prefer something with a more classic look, then a naturally tanned leash would be perfect.


Finally, it’s always a good idea to look at what sort of warranty your chosen leather dog leash comes with. Many brands offer a two-year warranty which acts as a testament to the quality of the leash. 

Some even offer lifetime warranties, and this doesn’t only prove that the leash is of the highest quality possible, but also offers you some extra value for money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best leash for a dog?

Although there are loads of different leashes to choose from, leather is the best material you can choose when looking for a dog leash.

This is because it’s naturally strong, weather-resistant, and will be able to withstand your dog’s pulling without breaking. 

How can I stop my dog from pulling when walking?

The answer to this lies with the sort of leash you’re using. If you have a retractable leash, your dog will be used to being able to explore freely without having much restraint.

So, when you want to keep them closer to your side, they won’t understand why and will begin pulling as a result. Walking a dog with a leather leash allows you to keep them close while still giving them a little room to explore.

They’ll soon become used to this and, as a result, will be less likely to pull when you want them to heel.

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