3 Best Double Retractable Dog Leash

Walking two dogs is not an easy task, especially without a double retractable dog leash.

Before acquiring a double retractable leash, I used to worry so much about taking my pets out for a walk.

Now, I’m happy and enthusiastic every time my kids, pets, and I go out.

I can comfortably handle my three dogs because the double retractable leash caters to two pets.

After realizing other dog owners experience the same challenges I had before purchasing a double retractable dog leash, I decided to make this blog post.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best double retractable dog leash.

Besides, I’ve included two more items to give you a wider range of options in the market.

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1. Troop Trot

What does Troop Trot do?

The Troop Trot double retractable dog leash is a convenient leash for walking two dogs.

This leash is the best pick if you own small or medium dogs.

Key specifications

  • Troop Trot features a 360-degree rotating head that allows free movement of your dogs.
  • Independent locks on this leash allow you to change between fixed and retractable options.
  • This leash is made of durable nylon that resists wear and tear over a long time.


  • You can easily adjust and lock this leash according to your preferences.
  • Troop Trot is a comfortable leash, meaning you can take your dogs for a walk anytime without worrying about tangling them.


  • I compared Troop Trot to other designs and this leash turns out to be quite expensive.

Why should you choose Troop Trot?

This leash is comfortable to use and comes with independent locking features.

In addition, the nylon ribbon is strong and durable.


What does XIANGGUANG do?

The XIANGGUANG Double Section retractable dog leash is designed for walking two dogs without hindering their mobility.

Key features

  • The leash features a 360-degree swivel design that allows you to auto-adjust and prevents your dogs from crossing paths.
  • A one-button locking mechanism allows you to automatically adjust this leash to your preferred length.


  • The reflective design of this leash enhances visibility and safety at night.


  • This leash may require you to train for some time before getting used to its functionality.

Why should you pick XIANGGUANG?

I recommend this double retractable dog leash for dog owners due to its durability, safety, and comfort.


What does the YGNN dog leash do?

The Double Headed Automatic retractable leash is a heavy-duty restraint used to walk two dogs freely and keep them within your reach (see also chew proof dog leashes).

Key features

  • Your dogs can play and walk freely, thanks to the 360-degree rotatable design.
  • Highly durable materials prevent the leash from tearing or breaking.


  • Independent control buttons make it easier to tether and walk your dogs.
  • The anti-slip handle enhances your grip on the leash.


  • Unfortunately, the YGNN leash wasn’t designed for large dogs.

Why should you pick the YGNN double retractable dog leash?

I love this brand because it’s the best budget pick.

In addition, the leash features a garbage storage box, a reflective strip, a flashlight, and an effective locking system.

What’s the best double retractable dog leash?

Here’s my top three picks for double retractable dog leash

  1. Troop Trot double dog leash
  2. XIANGGUANG double dog leash
  3. YGNN double dog leash

If I had to pick just one, it would be the YGNN double headed automatic retractable dog leash, and here’s why:

  • Despite its small size, this dog leash is powerful enough for dogs weighing up to 18lbs.
  • It is affordable.
  • This leash has a flashlight for visibility, reflective properties for safety at night, and a durable structure for longevity.

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