3 Best Dog Grooming Scissors (According To The Pros)

Grooming our four-legged friends can be a difficult task as not all dogs jump at the chance of being trimmed and some will make it really difficult for you or even get anxious or aggressive. 

Therefore, giving these furry pups a trim can be time-consuming and drain your energy. So you might consider a professional, however...

Taking your dog to a professional groomer can be quite expensive and you'll lose half a day waiting so doing it yourself is a great alternative where possible.

Plus, it gives us quality time with our pooches, and with the right amount of care, they might even start enjoying it.

The first tools you’ll need though are grooming scissors and the choice and type of these is bewilderingly extensive for what seems like such a simple product which is why I've narrowed it down to a top 3.

But before I give you my recommendation here's why you can trust it...

Prior to writing this post I spent over 20 hours consulting the websites of the best vets, animal lovers, and professional dog groomers to see how they carry out their home grooming and which grooming scissors they use.

I was able to narrow it down to 5 brands before analyzing over 1,000 user opinions on each to whittle it down to just these 3 best dog grooming scissors below... 

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Our top pick is the Kenchii Spider Grooming Scissors set. If you are looking for a brand known for creating the finest and best-quality grooming scissors out there, this is the set for you.

After intense quality control, Kenchii Spider Grooming Scissors have become another highly reliable set of shears from Kenchii.

These are made from top-quality, highly durable 6CR stainless steel with pure hardness for an easy, sharp cut.

Its bevel edge is designed to trim your dog’s hair to absolute precision with guaranteed ease.

Kenchii Spider Grooming Scissors are unique for their excellent tension assembly. 

This is finished with a spider emblem for stylish looking scissors.

The offset handles of this product offer ultra control and comfort in case it takes a little longer to trim your dog’s coat.

Its classic appearance is also ergonomically designed to fit your fingers perfectly with many reviews praising the scissors’ feel. 

Its overall dimensions are 8-inch straight and curved shears alongside a 7.5-inch thinner resulting in a very versatile set of scissors.


  • Made from highly durable and quality 6CR stainless steel for a sharp, easy cut

  • Includes a beveled edge to increase the thrust of the scissors 

  • Comes with an 8-inch straight and curved sheer with a 7.5-inch thinner for versatile trimming possibilities

  • It is reinforced with a superior tension assembly that is protected and dressed with a spider emblem 

  • Very comfortable handle design


  • Can be quite stiff to use at first


Next up is a wonderful kit with superb workmanship.

The Purple Dragon professional 7.0-inch Grooming Scissor Kit is top-quality and ideal for both professional pet groomers and DIY groomers at home.

These can be used to cut and thin your pooch’s coat with its curved shears.

The set is made from 440C Japanese stainless steel resulting in extremely strong, durable, and functional tools.

You will be able to trim your pet precisely with its 45 degrees cutting angle.

Delicate and smooth cuts will be the name of the game with this set and your dog won’t feel any discomfort from the pulling of its coat at all.

Purple Dragon’s grooming kit is superbly versatile. It measures 7-inches lengthways with professional razor edges for ease of use.

Its handles are engineered to provide sheer comfort. This minimizes any strain or discomfort in the hands that can sometimes come with the use of scissors over time.


  • Made from high-quality 440C grade stainless steel for long-lasting, reliable use

  • It is a 6-in-1 grooming kit offering versatility for trimming and thinning

  • The handle is designed to provide absolute comfort and prevent strain on the hands that can happen after long periods of use

  • The 7-inch stainless steel blade is extremely sharp helping achieve a faster cutting action

  • Suitable for DIY home use as well as professional groomers


  • Curves can catch the fur if you are not careful


This is another perfect dog grooming kit.

The Iseafly Heavy Duty Stainless Steel kit includes a thinning shear, straight scissors, curved scissors, a cleaning cloth, a pet comb, and an elegant black leather case. 

This product has just about everything you need when looking for top-quality grooming scissors.

Every blade has a rounded edge making them easy to use and ideal for those beginning with cutting dog’s coats.

This is because these curved edges won’t poke or hurt the pooch in the grooming process so you can cut with more confidence. 

This doesn’t take anything away from the scissors’ quality though and each one has razor-sharp edges for intricate detailed cuts of the fur.

Its durable heavy-duty stainless steel construction is very impressive and should last a long time, even with extensive use.

Each shear is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and will reduce any fatigue in your arms and hands.

The set’s silicone padded handles prevent any clamping of the fingers and harm to your hands.

What is great about these is the muffler pad feature. This ensures your pet is not scared by the sound of the shears clipping together and will put them at ease.


  • Each scissors come in a stylish and durable design

  • The whole set comes with just about everything you need in a dog grooming set including thinning shears, curved scissors, straight scissors, and a pet grooming comb

  • Comes with razor-sharp blades for intricate, detailed trims

  • Includes curved edges so you won’t have to worry about poking or hurting your dog when cutting

  • Includes a rubber pad which also acts as a muffler pad so your dog isn’t frightened by the sound of the edges clipping together


  • The cutting edges have burrs and can be quite rough


Our fourth choice is the well made Gimars Titanium Coated 3CR Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit.

This is made from heavy-duty stainless steel and processed with cold treatment for extra hardness and long-lasting results without any chance of rusting.

These are wonderfully reliable for grooming your pet with detailed trimming and thinning.

The blades are curved and straight with ultra sharpness to cut your pup’s fur perfectly and comfortably.

They are designed in such a way that they are great at removing tangles, mats, and can loosen any dirt in the hair without any discomfort for your dog.

The scissors come in a zippered storage case for safekeeping including various accessories such as a cleaning cloth to help clean your tools after use.

These feature expert weight for grooming and an ergonomic design with removable non-slip fingers for added comfort and to reduce any fatigue while cutting.

You’ll be able to cut for hours without any pain in your fingers. A silicone pad also dampens any sound from the handles hitting each other preventing your dog from getting scared.

The Gimars grooming kit is easy to maintain as the blades can be separated to clean thoroughly with a screw adjustable handle for various thickness when trimming and thinning your pup’s fur.


  • Features an adjustable screw to fine-tune your cutting action

  • Come pre-sharpened and ready to use right away out of the box

  • Ideal for all types of grooming like detailing, touch-ups, and slight trimming

  • Made from durable high-quality stainless steel for long-lasting use

  • Coated with cold treatment to prevent rusting 


  • Holes in the scissors’ handles are a little small for larger hands


Last but not least are a unique set of shears.

Sharf’s Gold Touch Pet Shears are suitable for all of your dog’s grooming needs with 7.5-inch straight scissors to cut smoothly and evenly.

These are ideal for dog grooming novices with their basic design and comfortable handles.

Made from solid 440C Japanese stainless steel, Sharf’s pet shears will get you through many years of cutting, trimming, and grooming whether you are a professional or a DIY dog owner.

As with all Sharf Gold Touch pet scissors, these have a shiny polished finish and a Gold accent screw and plate for a sturdy construction.

The comfort rings are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

If you’re just looking for reliable scissors without a whole grooming kit, these are the ones for you.

They also come with a snap-close case for easy storage wherever you go. 


  • Very sharp scissors to cut any pup’s hair easily and smoothly

  • Very lightweight for a comfortable easy use

  • Prevents any hand fatigue so you can groom for hours (especially handy for professional dog groomers)

  • Scissor blades stay polished and shiny even through extended use

  • Comes with a close snap case for easy storage and portability


  • Can become a little dull after time if not sharpened
  • Sometimes become misaligned after extended use

Best Dog Grooming Scissors Buying Guide

So there are your top 5 dog grooming scissors! There are a few factors we want you to consider before running out and investing in a brand new pair of shears. (P.s never run with scissors!)

There are lots of types of grooming scissors out there and each one has its unique qualities.

Find out what you should be looking for in grooming shears below to help you understand what to look out for.

Rounded tips

If you are a first-timer at grooming a dog’s coat, you may feel a little nervous.

If so, the best scissors to get are those with a round tip.

These are a lot safer to use and minimize any risk of accidentally poking and hurting your dog with the sharp end of the shears.

Many dog grooming scissors include rounded tips but there are plenty that are just straight.

Keep in mind that straight tips require a lot more care and attention to detail when being used.

Straight scissors

Unlike the straight tip, these are scissors that are designed straight.

These are the most common dog grooming shears on the market today.

If you walk into most professional dog grooming salons, these are the types you will often see.

Straight scissors are deemed to cater to all different sized pets as well as dogs. They are also available in a variety of lengths and are better for general use than specific ones.

Curved blade scissors

Curved blade scissors are very popular. 

Its edges are extremely sharp and curved making it easier to shape the coat as you cut it.

If you want to follow the contours of your pup’s body, curved scissors are the way to go.

Thinning scissors

If your pet has a heavier, thicker coat than most, you should consider buying a separate pair of thinning scissors to reduce the fur’s density.

This is easier than just cutting the coat short every time and gives you more options for layering your dog’s coat.

These scissors come with double or single-serrated versions with three tooth pitches: fine, medium, and coarse. 

Double-serrated thinning shears have teeth on each blade for taking out less coat and leaving a more natural feel to their fur. 

Single serrated shears have just one blade with teeth while the other is plain. This handy as you can lift the coat before you begin to thin it with the other blade.

Consider how thick your dog’s coat is before going for these.

Micro-serration scissors

These are a very specific type of scissors. They have very fine grooves in the cutting edges of the shears.

These help to grip the fur and reduce the wear and tear of the blade’s sharpness.

If you want the most precise results, micro-serrated scissors are best. 

Nonetheless, most new scissors have one or two blades that are micro-serrated so keep an eye out for this feature.

Stainless steel blade

You should only be looking for grooming scissors with a high-end stainless steel blade. Stainless steel is supremely strong and ultra-durable for long term use.

It also retains its sharpness for much longer providing better quality cuts alongside minimizing the risk of pulling on your dog’s fur and harming them.

There are certain new alloys and materials to choose from but it is recommended you stay with titanium coated stainless steel shears for the best all-round use.

A comfortable grip

If you’re a professional dog groomer, you’ll be using scissors for many hours of the day.

Even if you just cut your dog’s coat now and again at home, it is important to have a comfortable grip to prevent fatigue and stress on the hands.

Grooming scissors with an ergonomic handle will supply the most comfortable holding position.

It is advised to invest in scissors that include comfort rubber grips or an ergonomic grip for utmost comfort.

Some scissors also come with a thumb hole or finger rest which are ideal for groomers who use scissors on a regular basis.

Matching the type of coat to your scissors

You should consider matching your dog’s coat to scissors. If a dog has thin fur but a lot of volume, thinning scissors are best.

Dogs with coarse, rough coats will require sharper scissors for more precise cuts.

You should always look for high-end products as these are much safer, effective, and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you bathe a dog before grooming?

This would be a great idea! Bathing your pet will get rid of any debris such as dirt leaving your pooch with a clean, smooth coat that is much easier to cut and far less likely to clog in the scissors.

Make sure your dog is thoroughly dried beforehand though. This will make it easier for you and your dog and the result will be much better.

How do you clean dog grooming scissors?

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to maintain your dog grooming shears.

After you use it, you need to remove any dirt or hair from the blades and in between its fulcrum. (Bolt or screw joining the two blades) To do this, simply wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Also, wipe off any hairspray or chemicals that you may have used and ensure the scissors are completely dry before storage to prevent rusting.

You can buy high-quality shear lube for extra care as well as a mild solvent or silicone.

These will help keep the screws secure and prevent any rusting. Once the lube is applied, gently open and close the scissors for around thirty seconds to make sure it is working smoothly, and then store them in a dry, cool space.

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