5 Best Dog Foods For Beagles (Because They Are Worth It!)

There's something about a beagle’s faithfulness and need to bond with you as their owner that almost as soon as they enter your life they instantly become part of your family, your best friend, and your protector rolled all into one. 

And because they become such cherished members of your pack, you want to make sure that you always do what’s right for your beagle.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best dog food for beagles so that your best pal will always be happy and healthy and well fed.

But first, here's why you can trust this recommendation...

Before writing this post I spent 20+ hours researching the websites of dozens of top vets, animal nutritionists, and pet food manufacturers to find the specific ingredients a beagle needs in their food.

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Royal Canin has been making high-quality, health-conscious dog food that’s been formulated to cater specifically to the dietary needs of individual breeds for more than fifty years.

Founded by a veterinarian, Royal Canin has partnered with a legion of dog breeders, behavioral specialists, and veterinarians around the world to ensure that the food that they make, and that bears their name, will always be worthy of your dog. 

This beagle specific dry dog food is designed to meet all of the nutritional needs that your adult dog has.

As any beagle owner knows all too well, they’ll eat and eat until they explode, which is why Royal Canin’s dry dog food contains an exclusive blend of fibers that are designed to make beagles feel full.

And their devotion to food means that beagles are also prone to weight gain.

Which is why the calorie content in this kibble has also been engineered to ensure your beagle maintains an ideal weight and doesn’t start to pile on the pounds.

The kibble has also been created to help your beagle to thoroughly, and slowly, chew each bit so that they’ll not only fall in love with its great taste.

But they’ll also benefit from all of the nutrients, fatty acids, and vitamins that it’s been packed with to support their bone, joint and muscle health.

It’ll help to set your best pals’ energy levels at maximum so that when you venture out together, their natural curiosity will take over and lead you both on all sorts of incredibly wild, and memorable, adventures. 


  • With over half a century of experience and expertise behind them, Royal Canin has forged a faultless reputation for making the sort of dog food that both you and your hound will adore.
  • He’ll love the way it tastes and you’ll be content in the knowledge that every single mouthful has been fashioned to make sure that he stays fit and active and will always be happy and healthy.

  • There’s more to Royal Canin’s dry dog food than a picture of a beagle on the front of the packaging. It’s a purpose-made beagle food that has been formulated and produced specifically for beagles.
  • It contains everything that your beagle will ever need to live the best life he possibly can.


  • While they love to eat, sometimes beagles’ taste buds can be a little picky, and just because it’s been made with them in mind, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to like it.  

  • Most beagles do, but some don’t, so if you’re going to feed your hound the Royal Canin way, maybe try them out on a small bag first.


The primary ingredient of every Taste of the Wild formula is real meat, fish, or fowl, and every protein source that they use in dog food is based solely on your dog’s natural diet. 

And so that their food tastes better and is more appealing to your hound’s palette they use a variety of wide-ranging proteins, from boar to bison, and salmon to venison.

Which all but guarantee that your dog won’t turn away from his bowl until it’s been licked clean. 

With thirty-two percent of the dry dog food being Bison and Venison protein, your beagle will be drawn to by the irresistible flavor.

And the added vitamins and nutrients will ensure that his skin, coat, muscles, and joist remain in optimal condition. 

Highly digestible, Taste of the Wild uses their proprietary probiotics in all of their formulas which improves the health of your dog’s gut and digestive tract, which means that they’ll keep coming back for bowlful after bowlful.

So you’ll need to keep an eye on your beagle and try to cut down the number of servings he has, no matter how much he may beg for more. 

All of the ingredients that this family-owned and operated business use in their dog food are ethically procured from sustainable and trusted sources around the world.

Taste of the Wild is determined to keep their food as natural as possible and doesn’t believe in using artificial bulking agents.

So their formulas are always made without grain, wheat, or corn and never use any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

They keep their food natural so that your hound will always be in peak condition.


  • Everything about Taste of the Wild is designed to adhere to your dog’s natural diet and to appeal to their instincts with a combination of smell and taste.
  • Absolutely preservative and artificial flavoring free, it’s the diet that your beagle would adhere to if he was running wild and free and roaming the Great Plains.

  • While they keep their food as natural as possible and it’s all protein-based, Taste of the Wild does add additional nutrients, fatty acids, probiotics, and vitamins to their food to boost your boy’s health and ensure that he always feels like he’s on top of the world.


  • Again, it’s a taste thing. While most owners have happily stated that their beagles can’t get enough of this dry dog food, a minority have reported that their hounds turned their noses up at it and walked away.
  • And as Taste of the Wild is only available in bulk, feeding them on it might be a costly misadventure in discovering what your beagle doesn’t like to eat.


Making sure that your beagle gets the healthiest food possible isn’t just a trendy, throwaway phrase for Blue Buffalo, it’s the reason for their existence.

What began as one family’s mission to feed their dog Blue who was troubled by health issues, the best food they possibly could to help him get better and improve his quality of life soon grew beyond their wildest dreams.  

Now a globally recognized brand and an established leader in the manufacture of healthy dog food, Blue Buffalo have never forgotten who was responsible for starting them on their journey; an airedale named Blue.

Packed with real chicken to help your beagle develop and maintain lean muscle mass, this grain-free dog food is made with healthy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and peas to help fuel your hound’s active lifestyle.

Blue Buffalo’s High Protein dog food also contains their patented LifeSource Bits.

Which are a precise blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have been carefully formulated by dieticians and holistic experts to support your hound’s immune system at every stage of their life.

And if that wasn’t enough, Blue Buffalo also contains all of the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that your beagle needs to keep their skin and coat in pristine condition.

Grain-free, so it’ll appeal to any dog that suffers from food allergies, Blue Buffalo only uses the finest natural ingredients and doesn’t subscribe to the bulking theory that so many supermarket brand pet foods do.

It doesn’t contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, or wheat, soy, or corn packing agents.

It’s a natural dog food that’s been made to make sure that your best friend enjoys every second of meal-time and his long, healthy life. 


  • Blue Buffalo has been following the same mission statement since they started making their incredibly high protein dog food.
  • If it isn’t good enough for Blue, it isn’t good enough for your dog.
  • And that’s why you can always trust any dog food that carries its brand name. They wouldn’t expect you to feed anything to your dog that they wouldn’t feed to theirs.

  • It’s a protein-rich, fortified natural dog food that’s grain-free and doesn’t include any of the traditional bulking and packing products that can lead to digestive issues and problems in dogs. 

  • And it’s also packed with all of the fatty acids and vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your beagle deserves and needs in order to thrive.


  • All of the incredible goodness and nutrients that Blue Buffalo is crammed full of comes at a reassuringly high price.
  • But when it comes to making sure that your four-legged friend is happy, what does money matter? It might hurt your pocket a little, but the tiny amount of financial pain you’ll suffer will be worth it.


The Solid Gold story began in nineteen seventy-four when founder Sissy Harrington McGill wanted to find a better way to feed her beloved dogs. 

She noticed that European Great Danes were living longer than their American counterparts, and convinced that this was primarily due to their diet.

Sissy set out to change the fate of the American Great Dane with her first recipe, Hund-N-Flocken.

By creating food that was ahead of its time and used real proteins, nutrient-rich superfoods, and grains, Sissy not only fulfilled her dream, she also created the holistic pet food movement. 

Rigidly clinging to Sissys original vision, this grain-free dry dog food contains a delicious combination of cage-free chicken, which it uses as its primary ingredient, and a holistic blend of superfoods and is completely free from soy, wheat, and corn.

So if you feed your beagle on it, he’ll have all the energy he needs to chase down all of the fantastic scents and smells that he encounters on his walks.

Nutritious and delicious, this formula has been created to help your hound control his weight and includes all the probiotics that his immune system and gut need to keep him healthy and filled with all of the joy that life brings.

Filled with all of the protein and fatty acids that your hound requires to keep going and look good, Solid Gold is so proud of the food that they make that if for any reason you or your beagle are unhappy with it, you can just give them a call.

And if you do, they’ll do their utmost to turn you and your hounds frowns upside down. 


  • The very first and arguably still the best, holistic pet food to hit the market, Solid Gold is a brand that you can put your faith in without hesitation.
  • Free from all of the traditional bulking and packing agents that have been the downfall of many a dog food brand, Solid Gold has stood the test of time because hounds and their owners love what they do.

  • It’s a weight control food that’s designed to help your dog feel full, so it’s perfect for beagles who never seem to know when to stop eating.


  • Apparently Solid Gold has recently changed some of the ingredients that they use, which has caused some dogs to have allergic reactions and react badly.
  • So it might be worth giving either Solid Gold or your veterinarian a call before you let your beagle embark on a Solid Gold diet in order to calm your nerves and alleviate any concerns that you might have.


Dick Van Patten wasn’t just an actor, he was also a staunch and committed dog parent, who believed that his canine companions deserved nothing but the best.

That’s why he started Natural Balance so that he could share the incredibly healthy recipes that he used to feed his dogs with all of America’s hound owners.

Believing that dogs deserve more, Natural Balance uses a limited number of ingredients in their dog food so that you’ll always know what you’re feeding your beagle.

Protein-rich, it includes all of the fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients, and more that your hound will need to stay in shape throughout his long, healthy life.

Following Dick’s original idea to the letter, Natural Balance keeps their food as simple and natural as possible.

So that your beagle will keep coming back time and time again to enjoy the great, healthy taste of the food that Dick created to make his best friends happy. 

Unlike a lot of other brands, Natural Balance advises that you should gradually phase their food into your hound’s diet over the course of seven days rather than swapping it for whatever you’re currently feeding your beagle in one fell swoop.

Why do they do that? They do it, because, like their founder, they care about your dog and want to make sure that he’s happy to be fed the Natural Balance way. 



  • Natural Balance is another brand who have recently changed their recipe, and that change has affected some of their longtime consumers in ways that their owners aren’t best pleased about.
  • So it might be worth checking with your veterinarian before you switch your hound over to Natural Balance. Just to make sure that everything will be okay.

Best Dog Food For Beagles Buying Guide

Which Dog Food Should I Use To Feed My Beagle?

As all of the dog foods on our list contain everything that your beagle needs in order to live a long, happy and healthy life

The only thing that you need to take into account when choosing which dog food is the best one for your beagle is your budget. 

Just avoid giving your dog toxic foods like grapes / grape juice, alcohol, and spicy food.

Set your budget, take another look at our list and you’ll soon be able to determine food is the right choice for your best pal. 

That said if you wanted our advice and wanted to follow our lead and feed your beagle the same food and drinks that we feed ours, then we’d always point you in the direction of Royal Canin’s breed-specific dog food.

We raised our pup on it, he’s never wanted to eat anything else, and he’s a happy, energetic ball of mischief who makes the world a better place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Beagle?

Beagles are scent hounds who were originally bred to hunt hares and foxes.

Because of their great sense of smell and their determination to pursue whatever scent they are following to its culmination, they are stubborn, single-minded dogs who despite being intelligent, are noted for being difficult to train.

That said, they are also incredibly amiable and friendly dogs who are loyal and devoted to their family members, and even though they have a predilection for barking incessantly, they like nothing more than spending time with their family.

Their wonderful nature, lack of inherited health problems, and the ongoing national love affair with the most famous beagle in the world, Snoopy, has led to the beagle becoming one of America’s most beloved breeds of dog. 

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