5 Best Dog Brushes For Short Hair (Research Driven)

Short-haired dogs might be a better choice for allergy sufferers, but they still require regular grooming to look their best.

They’re less prone to matting, but brushing their coats will maintain a healthy shine as it distributes your dog’s natural oils throughout their fur.

If despite your best efforts to make it a positive experience, your pup is still not convinced when it’s time for grooming then it could be a sign that you’re using the wrong type of brush.

There are dog brush options that are designed specifically for short-haired dogs that won’t cause discomfort.

Before I share those options here's why you can trust this recommendation...

I spent 20+ hours researching what dog brushes top Veterinary practices, dog bloggers, and professional dog groomers were specifically recommending for dogs with short hair.

My research shows these are the best dog brushes for short hair...

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Our top pick is the DakPets grooming brush, suitable for short and long-haired dogs alike, and typically customers rant and rave about it.

Transform your home from fur-filled to fur-free, as it’s guaranteed to reduce shedding by an incredible 95 percent. Just think how much time you’ll save on hoovering!

Hold onto the handle which features a non-slip grip, and you’ll instantly notice the strength and durability of this brush. 

The head is detachable for easy replacement and it features a 4-inch rust-resistant blade.

There’s a quick-release button and it features an eyelet hole at the end of the handle, two useful design features

Showing that DakPets have thought of everything to make this the best dog brush on the market.


  • High quality product that's great value for money.
  • Reduces shedding by about 95% 
  • Sturdy handle with a non-slip grip 
  • Detachable brush head


  • If you find any, let us know!


Coming in at a close second place is the Hertzko slicker brush, another effective option for detangling and removing loose undercoat hairs.

It also removes dirt and debris effectively whilst being an enjoyable, pain-free experience for your pooch.

We loved the innovative one-click button that allows you to retract the bristles and easily wipe off the hair you’ve collected from your dog’s coat so that it’s immediately ready for future uses.

It’s undoubtedly the best self-cleaning method we’ve found in a dog brush.

The ability to retract the bristles is also a clever way to extend the lifetime of the product.

You can utilize this to prevent any damage from occurring to the bristles during travel or storage which will help to keep them in the best condition possible.

Designed with both the brusher and the brush-ee in mind, the ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and offers excellent grip.

There’s even a spot to rest your thumb on so you can have even greater control over your strokes as you guide it across your dog’s back. 


  • Effectively grooms your dog’s coat and can remove dirt and debris 

  • One-click easy cleaning button 

  • Ergonomic anti-slip handle design with a thumb rest 

  • Leaves your dog’s coat shiny and soft


  • Quite bulky in size which can be tricky for brushing legs 


Next up is the BV dog brush, a dual-action brush that allows you to complete your grooming session using the pin brush on one side and the bristle brush on the other. 

The two-step cleaning method it allows for ensures your dog will walk away from you with a much cleaner, shinier coat.

Use the pin side to reach the undercoat of your dog’s fur then flip it over and use the bristle side for teasing out tangles and dislodging dirt.

With a handle that’s designed to be comfortable in your hand, including a grooved grip for anti-slip as well as improved comfort and control.

There’s also a useful eyelet at the end of the brush so you can hang it up in the house when not in use. 

The ventilation holes in the brush’s head allow the bristles to contour to your dog’s body meaning it’s a more comfortable experience for them as well as you.

The pins themselves have rounded tips which are less likely to cause irritation and they help to evenly distribute natural oils around your dog’s coat. 

It’s not the most durable option we’ve included in this list, with some customers complaining that the plastic the handle is made of is cheap and the bristles can begin to fall out over time.

However, it’s still a good budget brush for those who are looking to spend a little less.


  • Best budget brush 
  • Ventilation holes in the head ensure comfortable brushing 
  • Pin bristles redistribute oil for a shinier coat 
  • Two brushes in one 
  • Anti-grip grooved handle


  • Bristles can start to fall out over time


Okay, so while this one technically isn’t a brush, it found its way onto our list because of the award-winning job it does of de-shedding your dog.

Say goodbye to tangles and hello to a smooth new coat, as the HandsOn pet grooming gloves redistributes oil for a healthy shine. 

It’s the perfect way to introduce grooming into your dog’s routine if they’re nervous because the brushing movement of your hands inside the gloves mimics stroking their fur.

It’s an all-around gentle option for you and your dog as it’s chemical-free, mildew resistant, and hypoallergenic for anyone or any pup with sensitive skin.

You can massage your dog’s fur without worrying about irritating the skin underneath, as the rubber nodules are more forgiving than the metal bristles of some other dog brushes for improved comfort.

The design also allows you to get to any hard-to-reach areas. 

The hook and loop close fastener ensure a secure fit, so you won’t lose your gloves while you’re grooming regardless of whether you’re using them when wet or dry.

Manufactured using durable nylon material, the lightweight gloves provide a flexible grip.

They’re super easy to clean just by rubbing your hands together and rinsing with water, or they’re suitable for use in the washing machine for added convenience.


  • Gentle on your dog’s skin 

  • Mildew resistant, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free

  • Great for nervous dogs who don’t enjoy brushing 

  • De-sheds effectively and leaves the coat looking soft and shiny 

  • Easy, secure fastening closure 

  • Machine washable


  • Some issues with sizing 
  • Hair doesn’t stick to the gloves as much as a brush so it can end up on your floor


For the more environmentally conscious pet-carer, this boar hair bristle brush from BioSilk is an ideal choice.

The eco-friendly brush is made using 100 percent plant-based materials which is what makes it stand out in an industry dominated by plastic. 

It’s the best option for the environment and the best for your bank account as this is the more affordable option we’ve included in this list, yet the quality is extremely high.

The durable brush should last a long time so you can enjoy daily brushing with your dog.

Spiral flex technology ensures that brushing is gentler and more comfortable for your dog as it contours to their fur with much more flexibility for pain-free detangling.

The handle is also ergonomically designed to be comfortable with an easy grip.

Most importantly, it does a good job of removing dirt or any burrs your dog may have picked up on your last walk, so they’ll feel cleaner and happier after grooming which helps you bond and build a more trusting relationship.


  • Best budget option 

  • Eco-friendly

  • Manufactured using sustainable materials 

  • Enjoyed by dog and owners alike thanks to ergonomic design 

  • Spiral flex technology  


  • Not the best option for thicker, tougher coats
  • Tricky to clean the brush 

Best Dog Brush For Short Hair Buying Guide

Short-haired dogs are easier to groom as there’s less chance of your dog’s hair matting or becoming knotty, but their coats still require frequent brushing if they’re to remain shiny and silky smooth.

So, where should you start your search for the best dog brush for short hair? 

Any of the five options we’ve reviewed would do a great job, but if you need a little more convincing, here’s our buyer’s to explain why they’re such good options.

Different Breeds Have Different Needs

At the end of the day, finding the brush that’s best for your short-haired dog is mostly going to depend on what their grooming needs are.

Different brushes suit different fur, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for the brush to do before you can decide on a style

For example, are you fed up with having to get the hoover out every day because your dog's fur is prone to shedding?

Maybe your dog is known for bounding across muddy fields and bouncing through puddles, bringing half the park home with you for you to brush out after a walk?

Do you need to focus on detangling, or finding a brush that’s soft enough for finer fur? 

Once you’ve identified what it is your dog needs in a brush, it’ll be much easier to choose one that’s going to have the best results on their coat.

Most importantly, it needs to be a brush that doesn’t cause your dog any discomfort, which is the biggest indication that you should try out another style. 

What About The Best Dog Comb For Short Hair?

There's typically very little difference between dog brushes and dog combs for short hair, the two are interchangeable and technically the same item.

So you can safely choose any of the dog brushes on this list in place of a dog comb and you'll still be able to brush / comb your dogs short hair. 

Brush Style

Bristle Brush

The bristle brush is a great all-rounder that can be used all over your dog, but make sure you follow the direction in which their fur is growing to avoid causing discomfort.

Use this to finish off your grooming session and you’ll naturally redistribute the good oils your dog produces around their fur. 

Slicker Brush

You’ll find that there’s some conflicting advice out there regarding slicker brushes for short-haired dogs due to their wiry bristles, but any dog breed with a double coat will benefit from this style provided your strokes are gentle so they won’t irritate your dog’s skin. 

The tightly grouped wire bristles are great for reaching under that topcoat in order to remove any loose hair effectively.

The style of the head on these brushes is also quite wide, so you’ll be able to cover a wider area with fewer strokes. 

Deshedder Brush

These types of brushes do exactly what the name suggests and helps with your dog’s shedding. 

The design is pretty much the same whichever brand you choose, and they’re designed specifically to remove loose hair. 

Over time, regularly brushing your dog’s coat with a de-shedder brush will even help to reduce the amount of fur your dog sheds in the first place.

Rubber Brush

Hoping to brush your pup in the bath? Rubber brushes are suitable to be used both wet and dry, so they can be used at bathtime to clean as well as groom.

Dogs tend to prefer this style of brush due to the stimulating strokes which means they’re ideal if the sight of a regular brush makes your dog turn tail and run. 

Materials and Construction

After going through all of this effort to choose the right style of brush for your dog, the last thing you’ll want is for it to break after five minutes.

So, the next factor to consider is how durable the brush is, which involves thinking about the materials used for manufacturing and how well it was constructed. 

For example, if you’re the proud pet-parent of a larger breed, you’ll want to be using a brush that has an ergonomically designed handle so it’s comfortable to hold.

Think about it. The bigger the dog, the larger the surface area you’ll be brushing and the longer you’ll be at it. 

You don’t want to pull your hand away and notice that you’re still holding on to the handle while the head is still stuck in your dog’s fur, so make sure the point at which these two parts of the brush are joined is 

You might have to spend a little bit more, but the cheaper options are often flimsy which can drastically shorten the lifespan of the brush, especially if your dog has tough or wiry hair.

Choosing a brush that’s been made using high-quality materials will mean you won’t need to replace it as frequently, and it’ll likely do a better job at grooming. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s the best breed of dog for allergy sufferers?

Two breeds that are believed to be one of the best choices for those who suffer from allergies include poodles and Maltese dogs.

Although any dog that sheds a minimal amount or not at all is considered a more hypoallergenic breed as they’ll molt less therefore they won’t leave hairs around the home which is a common trigger for setting off your allergies. 

Can you over brush your dog?

There’s no downside to brushing your dog more often than is needed, except for maybe an aching arm.

Simply put, it’s impossible to over brush your dog's fur, however, using the wrong tools or brushing too aggressively can cause discomfort or even pain for your dog, so be mindful of keeping your strokes slow and gentle.

Treat breaks are also recommended!

Do dogs feel better after being brushed?

Regular grooming will ensure that your dog feels as good as it looks, keeping their fur-free from matting, knots, burrs, and anything else that they may have picked up during their time outside.

Plus, grooming can be used as a special bonding time which will only improve your pup’s overall happiness and wellness. 

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