5 Best Dog Beds For Labs (For A Perfect Nights Sleep)

Picking out a new dog bed for your Labrador can be a tricky endeavor. 

There are thousands on the market each promising to be the perfect pet bed, but what exactly does a Labrador require in a bed for a night of sweet dreams anyway?

I'll cover all that below but before I do here's why you can trust this recommendation...

Before writing this post I spent over 20hrs understanding specifically what Labradors need in a bed through reading website of Veterinary Experts, dog bloggers, and over 1000 user opinions on the best beds for Labradors.

I've concluded that these are the top 3 picks... 

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It might seem like a hefty investment for a dog’s bed (particularly if your pup is prone to chewing…)

But Big Barker’s dog bed is one of the most popular amongst owners worldwide, which is why it’s our number one choice!

Available as a large, extra large and giant sized bed, it should be perfect for your Labrador.

And in lovely colors like Charcoal Gray, Burgundy, Chocolate and Khaki, there’s a style to suit any home aesthetic.

A 100% microsuede cover is removable, soft touch and machine washable, so regular cleanup is as simple as whipping it off.

And your dog will sleep soundly atop a combination of comfort, support and contoured foam.

There’s even a pillow!

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania demonstrated that after just 28 days of sleeping on a Big Barker bed saw less pain and more mobility in their trial dogs.

So this bed is clinically proven to improve their physique and comfort!

However, if you somehow find yourself dissatisfied with this purchase, proudly produced in the USA by experienced crafters.

There’s a 10 year warranty that guarantees a replacement or refund in the event it is necessary.



  • The priciest bed on our list!


As an elevated bed produced in three sizes large enough to suit any breed, the original Pet Cot from K&H Pet Products is ideal for those who live in especially hot climates or have pups with chewing problems!

Capable of holding up to 200 pounds, its a durable, breathable mesh center is comfortable and has been strength tested.

As well as working to naturally repel mold, mildew, bacteria and moisture for an odor-free sleeping environment.

Ideal for owners who travel, it assembles and disassembles incredibly easily without the need for tools,

And at 7.75x20.75x4.5 inches it’s the perfect size for a fully grown Labrador, offering plenty of room to spread out comfortably. 

Wiping down with a damp cloth is all you’ll need to do to keep this baby clean, though the removable, washable cover can be thrown in with your next load of laundry if you want to be thorough about it.

Perfect for camping and keeping cool in warmer weather, it’s raised enough to stay cool without being uncomfortably solid, and thanks to a one year’s limited warranty, you’ll be able to find a resolution that suits you if you find yourself dissatisfied. 



  • Will need to be paired with blankets (or alternative sources of warmth) when the temperatures drop


Working with a smaller budget, but still want to make sure your pup sleeps in all the comfort they deserve?

Look no further than this memory foam, orthopedic pillow-style bed from Dogbed4less, which is half the price of a Big Barker!

In a huge range of sizes, from Small all the way up to Jumbo, there’s bound to be a bed befitting of your furry friend.

Though we’d recommend the Medium Large and above for fully grown Labradors, just to be sure.

Featuring a comfortable, removable 180GSM microfiber faux suede cover, it’s incredibly soft to lay on.

A strong gusset-style zipper and additional stitching prolong the bed’s lifespan, even after hundreds of washes (yes, it’s machine appropriate!)

With a hypoallergenic high density memory foam pad, it provides ample support and pain relief for arthritic and elderly dogs.

Nor will it flatten out after long periods of use, ensuring a lifetime of excellent sleep, night after night.

Quality construction and smart features offer excellent value for money and customer satisfaction (it’s so comfy you’ll want to sleep on it yourself!), and if you’re implementing crate training, this bed should fit in there too! 


  • Removable, machine washable (and dryer friendly) covers

  • Supportive of a comfortable sleep and relief from pressure points

  • Hypoallergenic and breathable for warmer months

  • Free external case for traveling 


  • Not water resistant!


Promising to promote better sleep for your precious pup, Best Friends by Sheri present their Donut Cuddler as an ideal bed for dogs (and cats!) of any size, though the Medium or Large options will be best for a fully grown Labrador.

Offering a sense of security to your slumbering pet, the raised rim offers plenty of neck and head support.

Whilst a soft internal filling allows for relief from pain in muscles and joints - ideal for older and arthritic dogs.

Finished with vegan shag faux fur, it is available in beautiful natural colors to suit any room’s scheme.

Whilst the water and dirt resistant bottoms ensure that any night time accidents won’t cause damage to the floor beneath.

Safe for machine washing and drying, the removable shell comes off with ease.

All materials have been sourced responsibly to be pet friendly, non toxic.

It creates the ultimate cozy nest for pups who like to curl up when they sleep.

Designed right in the heart of Los Angeles, California, with a US based customer service, this woman owned and operated business provides pet beds made off the back of 25 years’ worth of experience in furniture design, for total satisfaction.


  • Built to last three times longer than beds made from recycled fibers

  • Double overlock stitch for stronger, reinforced edges

  • Machine washable and dryer friendly removable outer shell

  • Non toxic, totally pet friendly fillings.


  • Leaving to air-dry may cause matting in the furry outer layer


For those pups who determinedly chew through every soft bed you ever buy, why not consider the elevated, chew proof bed from Kuranda, made from aircraft grade, lightweight aluminum and supporting up to 250lb.

Available in four colors, the raised and orthopedic design aims to keep your dog cool, comfortable and dry whether sleeping inside or outdoors.

And the heavy duty solid vinyl is their most durable fabric yet, perfect for defeating determined diggers!

Smooth and easy to clean, all you’ll need to do maintenance wise is perform regular wiping down; whilst the medium size is adequate for the average Labrador.

A large, XL or XXL bed is also available and may be more suitable for larger dogs.

Unlike alternatives from competing manufacturers, their patented Kuranda design allows for the fabric to slide inside of the frame, hiding any dangling edges to minimize chewing and discourage destructive behavior.

Made in the USA and appropriate for use all year round (though you may wish to provide your pup with a blanket in the colder months!) this is an investment that will follow your dog from puppyhood right through to their retirement years!



  • Some reviews suggest buying your own/additional bolts can sometimes be necessary

Best Dog Beds For Labs Buying Guide

Features To Consider


As a breed on the bigger side, you’re going to want a large bed for your Lab - even if they’re only tiny now, in no time at all there’ll be a much heftier pup where little Lassie once stood, and you want to be prepared for that inevitability.

The average Labrador, once fully grown, is around 21 inches for females and 23 inches for males, so ensuring their bed is sizable enough to accommodate them is important. Dogs grow much quicker than you might expect!

A bed that’s around 25-30 inches long will make sure they have plenty of room to curl up nice and comfy without hanging off the edge

Would you want to dangle off of the side of your bed whilst you slept? Exactly!


Just like our human equivalents, dog beds come in all manner of different materials, and the one your dog likes best will be down to personal preference! Some prefer a cushy pile of fluff to settle down on, where others like a harder, more solid surface.

If your pup is prone to destructive behavior, opting for a bed that can’t be chewed up is your best bet, though you might still want to provide a blanket or two to make sure they’re warm enough if this is the case.

When Fido prefers lying on a cool floor, a sturdier frame would probably be preferred, and if their favorite spot is up on the couch (or your bed, if you’re a pushover), opting for the softer choice will probably work out.

Machine Washable

Even the most well-trained dog can be subject to a late night accident, and in any case, unless you’re a fan of their musk, you’re going to want to toss the removable parts into your washer to freshen them up every once in a while.

Your life will be made a whole lot easier if you’ve picked a bed that’s machine washable, as it makes the cleaning process far easier and involves minimal effort. Ever spent the day hand washing pee out of sheets?

No? Then maybe don’t start!

Similarly, if a bed is advertised as washer friendly, it will likely unzip or come apart much more easily, whereas those that aren’t may not have separate layers that can be removed for the purpose of washing.

Seasonally Appropriate

Depending on where in the world you live, your dog might need a warmer bed for winter and a cooler option for the summer; picking a bed that can be converted or made more appropriate to suit the weather is a good idea.

Opting for one that has removable covers or is easy enough to upgrade with an extra blanket or two will make sure that your pup gets a restful and temperate night of rest - otherwise, they might become distressed and disturb your sleep!

Your pup will curl up and snuggle down more tightly to stay warm in the winter, so a bed that has raised edges will accommodate this, whilst in summer you might want to switch out their thicker, softer covering for a thinner and more breathable option.


When your pup has reached the twilight years of their life, or if their breed is prone to joint and hip problems, you might benefit from an orthopedic bed.

These tend to be pricier, but the higher quality of memory foam used promotes a healthier sleep style.

If your dog is still young, a bed that’s been zealously stuffed with filling might be enough to provide support whilst sleeping, but otherwise, you’ll be better off stumping up the extra cash for a more appropriate internal material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

That depends! There isn’t a definitive generalization either way - your pup will have their own preference, and it’ll become clear quite quickly what surface they feel most comfortable settling down on.

When your dog is happiest snoozing on a solid surface like your kitchen floor, a harder bed will probably be more up their alley; should the sofa be their sought after sleeping spot, a softer bed will likely be preferred.

One thing to bear in mind is that most dogs aren’t fussy - so long as they’re at an appropriate temperature and have enough room to stretch out plenty, they’ll probably be happy enough. Don’t spend too much time agonizing over it!

Do dogs need blankets?

Especially in the winter months, it’s important to make sure that your dog is warm enough to settle down for the night - usually, a soft bed with raised edges made from snuggly materials that they can curl up tightly on will suffice.

However, if your furry friend has a particularly thin coat, or they appear to be struggling to sleep properly (and in turn, keeping you awake) it could be that a thin blanket in addition to their regular bed would be beneficial.

Arthritic or elderly dogs can prove much more sensitive to the cold, so in these cases, prioritizing their warmth and comfort is even more important. Remember - if your dog is unhappy, they’ll probably find a way to let you know!

Why do dogs turn around in circles before they lay down?

Often putting on an adorable little show when preparing to settle, many dogs will turn around a couple of times and spin in circles before eventually lying down. 

Animal behaviorists have a theory that this stems back to their ancestors living in the wild.

When their wolfy great-great-great-great (you get the idea) grandparents settled down for the night, they positioned themselves in such a way that warding off potential attackers suddenly would be easy.

Essentially, by making circles, their wolfy predecessors could get a big old whiff of the wind, placing their noses towards the scent of threatening predators or strangers on the approach, allowing them to stay alert even when snoozing!

Though, of course, your house trained canine doesn’t need to defend themself from potential attackers, this innate behavior continues to be performed - perhaps its just the easiest way for some dogs to make themselves comfortable!

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