Do Labradors need grooming?

Yes, you need grooming for your Labrador. This blog post answers all questions on Labradors’ grooming. I am a dog lover, especially the Labrador breed. I am a married lady with kids and I ensure that my family is safe by grooming my three Labradors. Being the couscous mum, I maintain regular sanitation of the …

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Do huskies need haircuts?

Well, the answer is no, huskies don’t need a haircut. Giving a husky a haircut isn’t recommended but shaving it isn’t such a bad idea. Keep reading this blog post to understand why huskies don’t need haircuts and what you can do instead to keep them well-groomed. Do Huskies Need Shaving? According to experts, huskies …

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Are Female Yorkies Aggressive?

Only mildly Aggressiveness is not a common characteristic in Yorkshire Terriers, and males tend to be more prone to aggression than females. It’s not to say, though, your female Yorkie won’t be mean. Certain circumstances can bring out the ugly side of your furry friend. So, you should know why female Terriers become hostile. By …

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