Are Pomeranians Supposed to Be Shaved?

No, shaving Pomeranians is a bad idea since the coat protects them from direct sunlight and mechanical damage.

In this post, we’ll cover:

  • Reasons why you should not shave your Pomeranian.
  • When to shave your Pomeranian
  • Shaving vs trimming
  • Tips for helping your Pomeranian grow back hair if it has had a shaved coat.

Why you should not shave your Pomeranian

Shaving your Pomeranian’s natural double-coated hair can result in a list of issues. The most common issues include:

#1 – The fur may not grow back

Most Pomeranian dog coats that have been clipped or shaved will begin growing back almost immediately. But the shaved fur may take a very long time to grow back or even never do so.

So whether or not your dog will grow its hair back is something you can’t predict, making it wise to leave it unshaved.

#2 – The fur might never be the same

If your Pomeranian’s fur grows back, it most likely won’t be the same texture.

The delicate undercut is normally the one that experiences the most damage. It grows back much thinner, uneven, or slowly in many cases.

The undercoat offers the most protection for your four-legged buddy, so damage is such a significant loss.

#3 – Compromised thermoregulation

Pomeranian dogs have a fluffy double coat consisting of a topcoat and undercoat.

The undercoat keeps your dog warm during cold months and helps to prevent overheating during the summer. On the other hand, the topcoat protects the skin and undercoat from the elements, like sunlight and water.

Put simply, a Pomeranian needs its double-layered coats to control its body temperature. And by shaving it, you compromise the balance, leaving your pooch at risk of developing hypothermia or heat stroke.

#4 – Increase skin irritation and sensitivity

The increase in skin irritation could be because of many reasons, from prolonged sun exposure to irritation from ingrown hairs and increased risk of injuries.

#5 – Exposure to injuries

Shaving your Pomeranian’s undercoat will expose their sensitive skin to direct sunlight. That makes the dog more vulnerable to injuries ranging from bruises and wounds to bumps and sunburns.

When to shave a Pomeranian

There are a few exceptions where shaving your Pomeranian isn’t an issue. They include:

1. Severe neglect and matting

There are cases when a Pomeranian has been neglected, making the matting so severe that it’s next to impossible to fix it. In this case, the only option is to shave the pooch’s coat.

The aim is to help it have a better life and cause less pain.

2. Senior Pomeranians who have health issues

If your Pomeranian is older and it is hard for it to stand through a long grooming session, getting rid of the fur might be a good option.

You can also shave it if it’s suffering from health conditions like arthritis that could make grooming painful.

If you do shave it, remember to take precautions to keep your Pomeranian indoors to prevent sunburn.

Shaving vs Trimming

Trimming and shaving are two different things. And it is safe to give your fur friend a trim once in a while. It is probably even better to take your Pomeranian to the groomer rather than putting it off.

Trimming your pooch regularly can keep it looking put together and kempt. It also provides many practical benefits. One of them is to prevent excessive matting.

Certain parts of your Pomeranian can be shaved. They include:

  • The groin area
  • The hair between the pads of the feet
  • A female’s belly for an ultrasound
  • The hair around the anus

Tips for helping your Pomeranian grow back hair if it has had a shaved coat

Below are a few tips that help regrow your dog’s hair after shaving. They include:

Get your energic dog on a healthy diet: A well-balanced diet may help a lot in your journey of fur regrowth for a shaved pooch. Also, consider giving your Pomeranian supplements with minerals such as zinc.

Visit a professional groomer for advice. A vet will be able to identify any general and skin conditions that may delay your dog’s fur regrowth.

Use hair growth essential oils: Some essentials oils that could help hair growth include horsetail extracts, evening primrose, grapeseed, and flaxseed.

Are Pomeranians Supposed to Be Shaved?

Pomeranians have a double-layered coat that can be damaged through shaving and clipping. Here are some of the potential issues that can result from shaving your beautiful dog.

  • The fur may not grow back
  • The fur might never be the same
  • Increase skin irritation and sensitivity
  • Exposure to injuries
  • Compromised thermoregulation

When dealing with excessive matting and shaving for access to the dog’s skin in surgical procedures, shaving may be the only option.