Are Female Yorkies Aggressive?

Only mildly Aggressiveness is not a common characteristic in Yorkshire Terriers, and males tend to be more prone to aggression than females.

It’s not to say, though, your female Yorkie won’t be mean.

Certain circumstances can bring out the ugly side of your furry friend. So, you should know why female Terriers become hostile.

By nature, Yorkshire Terriers are playful, affectionate, and protective. These traits are some reasons the breed is so popular, especially among families. You can leave your Yorkie with the kids and be confident they will have fun with her.

The small size means you can carry your pet around almost anywhere, not to mention the good use of limited space. However, when getting a dog as a pet, aggression is one of the elements to consider carefully.

When an animal is antagonistic, it can pose a danger to everyone. As a parent, I am especially careful about how pets treat children. I want to be confident the young ones are safe when left alone with the dogs.

Therefore, if you are considering getting a female Yorkie, then aggression is not an issue you have to worry about constantly. The breed is naturally protective and will react to strangers, both people and other dogs.

However, full-blown aggression is usually due to an underlying issue. I highlight the most common ones in this guide.

Your Pet Might be Ill or Injured

A disease or injury could be the reason your Yorkie can’t stay calm. Pain or discomfort causes behavior change in dogs.

The animal can retreat to avoid any interaction or act out. If your Yorkie is in pain, she might bark, nip or growl when you touch or approach her.

This behavior is meant to keep you at bay. If your pet is feeling down, she might not want you to encroach in her space, leading to aggression.

So, watch for sudden bursts of hostility. A Yorkie whose temperament shifts from one day to the next might be injured or sick.

Regular checkups by a qualified veterinarian ensure your furry companion doesn’t suffer silently from an illness or injury.

Teething in Your Yorkie

One of the most common reasons for aggression in dogs, including Yorkies, is teething. If your pet is a puppy, about 4-5 months old, then teething might be causing defensive behavior due to the discomfort. The animal might be in pain, especially when eating.

Teeth coming out also causes the gums to itch, putting your pet in a bad mood. Chew toys can relieve itchiness and reduce aggression. Also, ask your vet what else to do to help your Yorkie through this period.

Your Pet is Scared

Fear can trigger aggression in female Yorkies. If your pet is around bigger and more aggressive dogs, she might feel threatened, resulting in growling, barking, and biting. Although Yorkies are friendly, they don’t like to feel intimidated.

A cool-tempered Yorkshire Terrier can turn hostile to assert dominance if she feels the need to. For this reason, be cautious about the animals your pet socializes with.

If you notice aggressive behavior around certain dogs, then don’t force your Yorkie to engage with them.

Additionally, check how the children play with the animals. In no circumstances should kids throw the dog around, even onto a soft surface?

Limited Attention

A neglected Yorkie can express her displeasure by antagonizing you or anyone who gets near her. If your pet doesn’t get the attention it deserves, it gets into a sour mood.

The little dogs thrive off attention, and as a dog owner, you should be ready to provide it. Due to the breed’s playfulness, it’s easy to think your furry friend doesn’t need you, leading to neglect. Ensure you don’t take your Yorkie for granted.

Signs of Aggression

How does an aggressive Yorkie behave? You should be able to identify when your Yorkie is being mean and address the behavior accordingly.

An aggressive dog can snap at you, which is a warning to express displeasure at whatever is bugging her.

Alternatively, the animal might bark. Nipping is when a dog bites lightly. A bite is the ultimate manifestation of aggression and should be avoided, at all costs. Growling indicates a dog is about to snap, nip or bite.

These signs might present themselves during the situations highlighted above. Your Yorkie might also behave aggressively due to excessive play.

If the children get too rough with the dog, she might feel the need to assert herself, leading to hostile conduct. Besides teaching the entire family how to treat the pet, you should also train the animal to prevent aggression.

Is Female Yorkies Aggressive?

Not inherently. As a breed, Yorkshire Terriers are not aggressive, but they can be. Although your female Yorkie is sociable, fun, and affectionate, she can turn hostile for different reasons. Some causes of aggression in female Yorkies are:

  • Teething
  • Lack of attention
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Fear

If your female Yorkie bites, nips, growls, or presents other signs of hostility, look for underlying issues, so you can find the right solutions.