Are Dog Nail Grinders Any Good?

Dog nail grinders have their benefits and downsides and they are a perfect nail-cutting solution for most dogs, especially the ones that don’t like clippers.

Nail grinders or dremels are not a rare thing to own if you have dogs at home.

They are a basic tool that works easily; instead of cutting the nail, the grinder will grind away the dog’s nail at a fast speed.

Do Nail Grinders Work for Dogs?

I have used nail grinders a couple of times and my dogs seem to be comfortable with this tool. Nail cutting can be stressful and traumatizing to some dogs and you want to avoid this at all costs.

This simple tool shaves off tiny amounts of the nail at a time, but the process is so fast that the dog won’t realize it. As a result, your dog won’t be affected by the process.

A nail grinder helps you shape and smoothen your dog’s nails. You can smooth the nails at all angles and this tool will do it so fast before your dog realizes you’re working on their nail.

By grinding the nails, your dog will have smooth nails with less sharp edges which might scratch and tear stuff around the house.

Pros and Cons of Dog Nail Grinders

There are several advantages and disadvantages of using nail grinders compared to using a nail clipper. Here are some of the major ones:

The Pros

  • Perfect if you have unsteady hands. In case you realize your hands aren’t steady enough to cut or clip your dog’s nails, a nail grinder should be easier to use. All you need to do is hold the dog still, and start grinding.

However, you might still need a bit of precision while doing this, to avoid hurting your dog.

  • A perfect tool for fearful dogs. Some dogs do have bad experiences with nail clippers and as a result, they start getting terrified whenever you pull out a pair of clippers.

Cutting nails using clippers needs a lot of keenness and it’s possible to cut your dog and cause some bleeding. Therefore, for such a dog it’s best you start using nail grinders since the dog will be less-terrified.

  • Gives smooth nail edges. A dog’s nail grinder allows you to smooth out edges, which makes the nails look nicer and neater.

Having neat nails prevents dogs from having to snag their nails on carpets or other soft materials in the house. If your dog is a jumper, you also won’t have to endure moments of scratching.

  • Reduces nail cracks. Nail clippers will pinch down the dog’s cuticle as you work on their nails and this will hurt the dog.

The pressure from the clipper even makes your dog’s nails crack. However, with nail grinders, you won’t see any cracks as you work on your dog.

The Cons

  • Some dogs will still fear grinders. It’s so unfortunate that your dog might start fearing nail grinders due to a past bad experience.

In case your dog has ever had any bad nail cutting, you’ll realize that he/she tenses whenever you grab the paws.

A nail grinder might not alleviate the anxiety immediately, but with time he might get used to it.

The best trick is making the grinding process fun and rewarding by providing treats and praises through the process.

  • You can still harm the dog. Although nail grinders are safer than clippers, you need to handle them with a lot of caution.

A particular part you should be careful not to hit is the dog’s quick. As you grind the nails be sure to watch where the dog’s quick is.

You can easily recognize this when you see a tiny dot in the middle of the dog’s nail. Avoid hitting the quick at all costs because it will leave the dog traumatized.

  • Nail grinders are noisy. These tools are known to produce a humming noise as you work and this can startle the dog.

However, the level of noise varies between different devices.

  • Produces odor and dust. When grinding your dog’s nails you’ll realize an undesirable smell that can be irritating to the nose.

The smell is due to friction between the nail and the grinder. To avoid getting affected, you can grind your dog’s nails outside or wear eye gear and a mouth cover.

The Best Way to Grind your Dog’s Nails

For the grinding process, follow these steps:

  • Let the dog lay down comfortably.
  • Turn on the grinder as your dog watches so they can get used to the noise.
  • Start by grinding the tip of the nail and using short strokes.
  • Avoid grinding the tip too far so that you won’t hit the quick.
  • Continue grinding the top and bottom of the nails.
  • If you had started grinding using the coarse grit bit, complete the process using a finer grit bit.

So, Are Dog Nail Grinders Any Good?

In conclusion, dog nail grinders are excellent for dogs that are fearful of nail clippers. They’re also perfect if you don’t have stable hands and you want to achieve smooth nail edges.