Tactical Explosive Detection (16 Hrs)

This introductory course will provide current Bomb Detection K-9 Teams with hands on instruction in the proper application of explosive detection in a SWAT or Military Special Operations environment. This two-day course is structured to provide a maximum amount of hands-on training. Mornings are devoted to basic skills and techniques, which is reinforced with practical scenarios in the afternoon.

Tactical K-9 Shooting Techniques (16 hrs)

Most police service dogs have been exposed to gun fire but can you effectively engage someone in a gunfight while handling your canine? This two-day course will include equipment options and shooting techniques designed to get you shooting your pistol and/or shotgun/carbine with both hands while your canine remains obedient.

Basic Tactical Trailing / Tracking (24 hrs)

This three-day course is designed to teach basic trailing / tracking to current police service dog teams. Topics will include initial training, extending tracks and maintenance training. This course is based on crushed vegetation and fresh human scent only. It does not cover scent discrimination and/or urban tracking.

Laser Direction (8 hrs)

A laser pointer is an excellent tool for directing your canine. This one day course will cover the different types of lasers available, when/how they should be used and operational limitations. This training is excellent for Explosive Detection, Search and Rescue and all Police Service Dog Teams.

Air Operations- Safely Fast Rope your K-9 using the FRDD ( 8 hrs)

Does your agency or department use helicopters to insert operators / SWAT officers? Don’t be left behind on a critical incident because your K-9 team does not have the training and equipment to Fast Rope. This one-day course provides everything you will need (except the helicopter.)

If you are interested in seeing how to safely Fastrope a Police Service Dog from a helicopter,
check out this video...

Canine TCCC (8 hrs)

Tactical Combat Casualty Care is an essential part of SWAT and Military Special Operations. This life saving training is applied to canine operations so you can treat the canine casualty, prevent additional human casualties and complete the mission. In most critical incidents, a city or county paramedic will be a first responder, we train dog handlers how to help medical personnel treat their canine.

Custom Training ( 8 hrs- 24 hrs)

Specialized courses are available in a wide range of topics. We specialize in problem solving and correcting negative canine behaviors. Please contact Trident K9 for a private consultation.


Each attendee must be physically fit for duty and able to perform the physical skills associated with tactical canine operations. Canine’s selected for any advanced training must have passed a competent basic PSD course of instruction. Trident K9 trains only sworn law-enforcement officers, correctional personnel, state-licensed security personnel or active military personnel.

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