The Tactical Long Line Bag holds a 50 foot leash constructed out of military grade tubular nylon.  It is a quick and hands free way to deploy a 50 foot long line.  This long line will not tangle or knot while it is being deployed.  It was designed by an accomplished parachutist and K-9 handler from Los Angeles County-Deputy Barragan.  The " Barragan Bag" is packed using the same principle that a sky diver uses when he/she packs a parachute.  This ensures that the leash will deploy perfectly every time.   The "Barragan Bag" can be quickly attached to a duty belt using a standard quick release buckle that is included with each bag.  Also included is a heavy duty leg strap to ensure the long line bag is securely attached to the K-9 handlers leg.  

Available in Black only.


Tactical Long Line Bag

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